How to delete a Layout?

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How to delete a Layout?

I have a layout that uploaded twice but the second time it's a red x. When I edit to delete it says this alias is already in use. I have no idea what that means. Do I need to delete both layouts?Thanks for your help.

Go back to your gallery - where you uploaded the image. Select the image that you want to delete. Above the image you will see two tabs. One should be Edit. Select Edit. This will open the image in Edit mode. Below the image you will see delete. Select Delete to remove the image.

I tried that but it says "alias is already in use". Maybe because I linked to a challenge in the forum? I wonder if I delete my post I will be able to delete the second layout which is no longer a red x.

That problem occurs sometimes, and it doesn't allow you to delete. It has nothing to do with a link to challenge by the way. I think one of our moderators should look at the issue

Thanks everyone. I am going to use chrome to upload. I read something that recommended chrome instead of IE. I apologize for the dupe layout.

Hey Beatrice: I see your double post on Telephone. I tried to see if we as moderators had the power to delete layouts and we don't. I will leave a message for Marisa or Jordan to delete the duplicate when they get to a spot they are able to check in to the site and do work. It may be several days so don't worry too much about it but if it's not done in a couple weeks, please feel free to remind us. smiley

Thanks Shawna. I wasn't too worried about it but it annoyed me lol. I'm not even certain about why it happened.

Sorry about that Beatrice! I've got one of them deleted.

Thanks Marisa!

Glad it got fixed smiley
Thanks Marisa!