How to load a kit into craft artist 2

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How to load a kit into craft artist 2

Hi, i joined this wonderful site today and have a question. If there has already been a thread opened regarding this, my apologies.

I have downloaded one of the free kits and would like to play with it in Craft Artist 2. The problem is I dont really know how to do this as I havent had much time to teach myself all there is to know about Craft Artist. I think I need to create my own digi kit??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks x

Hey Michelle:

Although I don't know the answer to your question, I am suggesting we move this to the Software Specific Questions forum. There will be a better chance of someone being able to give you advice in that forum.

I will do that for you but leave this shadow copy behind so you know where your post went. smiley

I hope someone is able to provide some insight for you on Craft Artist. I know the majority of our users play with PhotoShop, PaintShop, and PhotoShop Elements... so it may take a little bit for someone that knows this program to see your post.

Craft Artist by Serif Software.
Craft Artist Compact is free here:
There is the DaisyTrail that offers a number of video tutorials on how to use Craft Artist.

Welcome Michele,

I use that software too and asked a similar question on their Daisytrail forum. They are very helpful there for software questions. Be sure to download all the free kits there too.

I love this pixelscrapper forum too, you can learn so much about the world of scrapbooking here.

Hi all

Thank you very much for your help. I have been on daisytrail but not looked at their tutorials yet but next time I have a little time to spare will have a proper look.

And thank you Shawna for moving my post, I thought perhaps Id put this in the wrong place, I will go to that forum to see if I have any replies.

Carry on crafting x

When posts are moved they leave a shadow that goes back to the moved post. They are connected.

Thanks Judy for explaining that to Michele for me... I guess I wasn't clear. smiley

You are welcome