I keep getting "Logged Out"

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I keep getting "Logged Out"


especially in the middle of typing up fairly long responses to posts the last couple of days. It just deletes everything I typed and tells me I don't have permission to post on this website.

Is this happening to anyone else??? Please let me know as I need to figure out if this is just me or a glitch with PS. It's a tad frustrating because I'm not a great typist anyway. smiley so retyping everything is a bear.

hahaha ... Shawna ... that's where you learn to copy before hitting send lol .... the site was down for a little bit yesterday afternoon when I tried to get in so maybe that was what you were experiencing ...

Shawna it happened to me 2 days ago when I was writing a response, prior to the website being down for the last 1-1/2 days. While in the midst of trying to finish my thought so that I could hit the post reply button shortly thereafter, I was suddenly logged off without warning and my entire reply was deleted and had to be regenerated. Of course, it would have been helpful to copy/paste it into a file in advance in anticipation for such events like this but it's not always our first thought to do so as the goal is to get the message sent out quickly. Lesson learned...still I think there must be some system bug or glitch causing that to happen as I've experienced the sudden log out intermittently before without apparent rhyme or reason.

I noticed that too Susan about the site being unavailable yesterday. Here's to hoping that's all it was. smiley

@Cathy... We must have posted at the exact same time. LoL It hasn't happened today, so I'm thinking it may have been the glitch(es) that caused issues with the site. It was the first time for me over that couple days. Seems to be back to normal now. I know what you mean though... since it's not common place we don't think to hit "copy" smiley Glad it doesn't happen often and seems to be resolved. I really should just take a typing class after all these yeeaarrrs. LoL

Sorry about that, Shawna smiley . Yes, most likely what happened was that the site went down right as you were in the middle of typing your post smiley . I do always recommend doing a quick "select all -> copy" before hitting publish on any web post, as I've lost a few lengthy posts myself that way on various sites... I wish there was something we could do to protect against this ever happening, but the problem is that if the site goes down it's generally because of a glitch which we can't preempt.

NP Jordan: it's been so infrequent here that I can't complain... especially for how many users we have. I've been at sites where they have a third of our members and they go down religiously. LoL I'm just glad it wasn't on my end and was fixable by you!!! smiley