Image not showing in the gallery

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Image not showing in the gallery

Hi Marisa.

It may have been busy at my end, but I just tried to upload a new layout and while the page details show up, the image itself does not!! All I get in my gallery is a blank white spot!! The title is - My Little Artist!!

How do I get the image to reload or how can I re-upload it without creating a whole new page?
Or how can I remove the old page in order to re-upload a new page?

This was around 4.15 AM EDT on 18 August 2019. Yes, we keep weird hours!! LOL



Robynne, when you go to your LO in the gallery, you can see 3 tabs above your LO.

One of them is 'edit', click on it; it opens and you will see the same things as you see when uploading a new layout.

On the left click on 'Upload and Tag'. There is a button called 'remove', click it and the LO is gone (or the broken link).

Now you should be able to see the 'upload' button again. Try uploading again... Make sure you LO is not to big.

I once got a broken link because I uploaded the original (which was a big .psd file) smiley instead of the one that I saved for web.

THANK YOU Patricia!!! I cannot believe I forgot about that remove button.
Its all fixed now and my page is now showing!!!!

glad I could help! smiley