Is there a kit linked to this element?

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Is there a kit linked to this element?

Good morning! I can't seem to find out if this element belongs to a kit. Does anyone know?
Thanks so much,

I don't think so, I've found several of the older elements to be separate, not in a kit.

If there is a kit, you can always see the option: See Full Kit

I looked through the graphics and found nothing similar from around the time this was posted (9 years ago)

Wow, Patricia, thanks so much for your speedy response! I didn't see the See Full Kit option and wondered if since it was so long ago that that just wasn't done. Have a wonderful day, and thank you again!

It's not linked to it, as it's a very old graphic and must have missed my redo, but it does belong to my Korea Bundle.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! smiley

Hi again, Marisa,
It doesn't seem to be in the Korea Bundle.

I see that the graphic is now linked to the Korea kit, but you are right, it is not included in the bundle...
so I downloaded it and added it myself to the Korea bundle I have on my HDD..

I didn't reupload the kit, since I thought you had already downloaded the graphic smiley

Oh, thank you, Marisa! Yes, I have had the graphic for years. I just needed to get the link to it and discovered it not part of a kit and was curious. I have the Korea kit that I uploaded years ago, but don't seem to see the graphic as part of it. I did upload the elements part again and still it isn't there. As I said, it was just curiosity on my part.