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ISO Page Assistance

Hello everyone

I am fairly new to this site so I am slowly learning all the ins and outs. Is there a place that we can post a page of ours that we are having difficulty trying to finish? I am so not creative like you lovely scrapbookers so I am having a very hard time finishing up my wedding book.

I do not have Photoshop. I tried and it confused me so much, so pre-made pages are not very useful to me, unfortunately.

Welcome Meg! We have instructions here for posting images in the forums. Hope that helps!

Thank you for the link. I will definitely need that information.

However, I do not think I explained myself very well. I have partially finished pages that I want to ask advice on. Where do I put those requests/pages? Thank you

Hi Meg, welcome!

At the risk of having my answer deleted, I am going to say this forum you are in is the perfect place.

You most likely can just place the images here. I for one would be glad to help you!

You can start a thread in the digital scrapbooking forum if you want some advice.

There used to be a thread about constructive cristicism somewhere. You can look for it here forums insert ur searchterm

smiley Thank you, Teddy!

Meg, did you get the help you needed?