Looking for Family History pages

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Looking for Family History pages

Does anyone have any suggestion on where to find this type? I have a lot of old family pictures I'll be scrapbooking this next year and want the elements to match.

Hello Cindy!

Just found your post in community support forum and I´m transfering it to digital scrapbook discussion so people can find it easier to give better answers for you! Good luck!

Another idea, if you want PS stuff is to post in Patron Requests forum!

Would you be able to use a kit that has the design and style you like and work on desaturating the colors a bit to suit a vintage type?

Cindy, the truth is you can make almost any kit suit for heritage pages. Our ancestors lived in living color, not black and white or neutral colors so you can really scrap them in many ways. I have some in my gallery here that kind of go against the "rules" of traditional heritage pages. I also just put this one up if you'd like to see a heritage page made with an artsy, modern kit: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/susan-reynolds/gallery/june-irene-mcclanahan-layout-kakleidesigns-pastel-bliss-heritage-peach-light

That is a good point, Susan. I have to confess that I always think of muted colours for vintage pages, but looking back at my paper scrabooks I realized I also used vivid colours for family photos that were pre-WW1. I guess it would really depend on the mood you are setting (pensive, reflective, sorrowing, celebrating), the events being recorded (marriage, baptism, gardening, a dance, death) or even just the way the memory makes you feel.

I used to think that way, too, Madge - until I started doing the history and geography with the genealogy. When I discovered I had Jamestown and early Colonial Virginia ancestors, I remembered going to Williamsburg where it is anything but neutral and muted. And that changed my whole outlook. I do some softer pages and I do some that are bold and colorful. Like you said, it all just depends.

I have to share a funny story. Since my many times great grandfather arrived in Jamestown in 1621, I am related to almost all of the early Colonial Virginia families either by blood or marriage or both. When I told my kid sister we were related to both George and Martha Custis Dandridge Washington, she went to school and told her friends George was her great grandfather. She was Queen for the Day. When she told me I had to tell her, no, George Washington never had any children that anyone knows of - at best he was a many times great grand uncle, but most likely a very distant cousin. I have never seen such a disappointed little face in all my life! We are much closer related to his wife through many different branches, but that didn't console her one little bit!

Oh, Susan, what a hoot! I am sure a child would think George would have been a more exciting direct forebear than just being related "sideways" to Martha... smiley

Most of the heritage/geneology los I've seen are like what Madge is talking about...slightly faded, predominantly browns, greys, blues, dull green...you see where its going; & this idea is stuck in your head. I always get a feeling that if too much colour was used on the los, the ancestors might leap out of the page!!! Please pardon me for the joke.
But colourful los are great too!

I have rcently been on a (never edit, not even crop) photographer's page, will link ya later, who had this look, it was rad.