Marisa's "City Bicycle Elements Kit" ("Bicycle Sticker - City Bicycle")

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Marisa's "City Bicycle Elements Kit" ("Bicycle Sticker - City Bicycle")

When I click on the "More From City Bicycle Elements Kit" at THIS LINK (for Marisa's "Bicycle Sticker - City Bicycle"), I get the following error:

Access Denied

You are not authorized to access this page.

I also get it for: Marisa Lerin - Flower Kit #24

Oh...and I apparently can download the item individually just fine! (Hope that helps!)

Well, can't confirm, but seems this may be what you get when you all are in the middle of uploading items. Just my theory!

hmmm... could be... i've had several ajax errors on the site with the notifications the last couple days, maybe there's some glitches going on. I figured if it kept up, I'd let Jordan know maybe he can look into it when he gets back.
Keep us updated if it appears to only happen while you're uploading still? If not he may have to look into it too. smiley

Thanks for reporting this... the link seems to be working fine now... are you still getting errors Tina?

Nope! I am not...thanks for checking! It did seem, though, that as a little time passed, that I was able to access it without error, too...thus my conclusion that maybe it was in the middle of being uploaded.