Newbie Here from UK & DC Points?

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Newbie Here from UK & DC Points?

Hi there

Thank you so much for letting me join your forum, its great to be here!

My name is Julie & I have been married since August 1998, I have 2 children son who is 8 & daughter who is 5.
I have been learning Paint Shop Pro & loving it in my spare time.

How do I use my DC points?
I can see on the header bar next to my notifications that I have 5 DC but when I try & click on it, it comes up with a ?

I also now have 9 CP.

Please help!

Thank you!

Hello Julie

with your DC points you can 'buy' stuff. Click on the graphics tab or the commons tab and search what you need. Every time you download something 1 point goes away.
You get 5 new points every day, the points you don't use are not added to the next day... they are gone.

Welcome Julie! Your 9 CP means you have 9 community points. The more you post in the forum you will get community points. You need I believe it is 25 community points to gain access to uploading to the gallery. But here is what the site says about the Download Credits and Community Points if you want to know more. smiley

  • Learn about download credits & community points here.
  • Learn more about Download Credits here.
  • Learn more about Community Points here.