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Ornaments 19

I found this on Pinterest:


they are an ornaments vector

is it gone forever?


They are so beautiful. I was imagining them in different metals.

There was a link to a freeware site; but it comes out as an rar file which I don't know how to use.

Maybe it could be found again and we could have more of them here? They would make great borders!

Any of these programs should open a RAR file for you:

For Windows: 7-zip, AlZip
For Mac: Zipeg, Stuffit Expander

I use 7-Zip exclusively now, and don't even bother with the built-in Windows one. 7-Zip is faster, and it handles anything I throw at it. Highly recommended!

Thank you. It is risky to download something without knowing anything about it. I appreciate the recommendation.

Marisa: I think Prima is wondering if these brushes are still available for download that you had on your old blog website?
I couldn't find them but may not be searching in the right place. Here's the picture of the one she likes:

They aren't available here anymore.

Something like that would make an interesting design as an embossed corner on paper.

You can download ornamental brushes that will give you the same type of thing for Photoshop or Elements ... I'm sure Paint Shop Pro has them as well .... not sure what you are using.
Try this google page:
or here:

Much thanks, Susan for your helpful links. They are exactly what I was looking for but planned to research it more fully later! It certainly saved some time in the process. I use both programs as well for graphics and so both links were helpful to find a nice variety of resources for brushes.

Just a side note. I too was quite interested in these lovely ornaments as I had seen similar ones elsewhere on the internet, but not as brushes, rather as fonts. Based on my experience, I wouldn't necessarily recommend these font types. There are a variety of font based ornamental designs available, some for free and some that are not. As lovely as the font based ones are, the small or moderate file sizes are convenient but not as practical for different reasons. You need a character map to locate the ornament design of choice, the complexity of each ornament makes for long loading times and higher memory resources not to mention it is "text" based and cannot be manipulated like graphics.

I like the idea of the brushes and will be a great asset to any project...

If you have PS itself you can create a shape using the brush as well .... one thing to watch for is the size of the brush file ... some of them may be too small to make worthwhile downloading ...