photo resolution for Gallery

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photo resolution for Gallery

Having heaps of trouble with the pictures uploading to the gallery. They are so blurry. Ive tried increasing DPI to 300 and working at 12x12. When I open it on my laptop it is clear as well as in Photoshop but as soon as it goes on my gallery wall they become dull and blurry. Please help.
I'm going to try to rephotograph them tomorrow.
Any suggestions helpful, Im so frustrated!

One example

If your layout is above 1000x1000px the site will resize it. And I'm not sure whatever the site is doing is as good as doing it with something like Photoshop. That may be the issue, especially if you're uploading a much larger image.

Let me know if that helps.

check what resolution your camera is using as well ... I use the highest setting before RAW for most of my main images

Thanks guys. Ill see how I go.