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Hello! I have been participating with Pixelscrapper for a couple of months now, and one of my favorite things to do is look through the Gallery for inspiration. I do a lot of keyword searches to find relevant layouts for whatever is next in my queue. Currently, on Pixelscrapper I "heart" a layout that I like, but my preference is to save the layout to whichever of my Pinterest boards is relevant (i.e. Scrapbook Baby, Scrapbook Vacation, etc.). On my mobile apps I am able to go in a kind of backdoor way and save a layout to my Pinterest boards, but I can't find a way to save a Gallery layout to Pinterest from my computer. It would be super helpful if a Pinterest icon were listed somewhere in the right column in the vicinity of the "Stats" for each layout's individual Gallery page. Or am I being a complete idiot and missing where Gallery layouts can be shared to Pinterest? Some other scrapbook website galleries have a "share" button, and then you can select icons for Facebook, Pinterest, Google, email, etc. I'm about to start working on a baby scrapbook for my niece, and we plan to communicate inspiration ideas mainly through a shared Pinterest board and some emails. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks!

If you install the "Pin It" button to your browser, then you can easily pin from any website. I think this is the link to install the Pin It Button:

Wow. That was easy. Is it weird that I haven't been on websites that don't already have Pinterest buttons just sitting there? I feel really stupid now. Lol. Thanks for putting up with all these stupid questions, Marisa.

I thought that the 'Pin-it' button feature was actually a plug-in to one's browser...I use to have one, but no longer, because I use an OS that's no longer supported. smiley