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Profile picture sideways

I've uploaded my photo for my profile from my iPhone but the picture always displays sideways. Any suggestions?

The photo is probably rotated the wrong way on your phone, so you'll need to check it there and then reupload it.

What if the photo is not side ways on my iPad? Every photo I have tried is sideways.

could it possibly be your resolution or size... try seeing if a smaller size will diplay properly... but then, I'm not an iPhone user, so who knows lol

The site is not rotating your photo. Sometimes your computer/device will show that the photo has been rotated, but it's saving that info somewhere not hardcoded into the photo, if that makes sense. Try opening the photo in an image editing place to see how it looks.

I'm going to add to Marisa's advice .... open a new page and paste your image in it and save it ... sometimes the metadata is skewed but saving it in a new document removes that information .. just re-saving it probably won't do that because the software saves the meta data as well and that's why you paste it into a new document. If you don't know how to look at the meta data on your phone upload the image to flickr ... they show the meta data of your photo.