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Question about TOU

Hello everyone, I love this site. I am a little confused about the tou and which subscription I need to purchase. I have a website where I make printables, free for anyone to download for personal use. Sometimes I need a little creative help, so I decided to give this site a go. Is this type of use allowed? I would change things up, like I would use a element template with a background for wall art or something like that. I wouldn't offer the paper as is or the template as is, everything would be modified, layered, textured so the original image is not extractable, does that make sense?

Please let me know if this is allowed and if I need a personal or commercial subscription.

Thank you very much!

Basically it's a question of whether you are a professional designer, or make any money from designing. The Personal Use license is for people who are not making any money related to their designing, and the commercial license is for people who are making money. So if your printable site is making money for you, even if you only give our graphics away in freebies, it's still supporting your site, helping you to make money on what you are selling.

So if your site and designing don't generate any income for you at all, then for now you are fine to use personal use. If you change you model down the road and start making money, you can change your subscription here at that point. Does that make sense?

Yes, I do make money from adsense, therefore I should go ahead and get the commercial subscription. I understand now, thank you!

Great! And good luck!