"Reply to #....." problem

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"Reply to #....." problem

When replying to a comment (in Designer Challenge---Grateful), when I click on the link to "reply", it lets me reply, but then once it's posted, the reply is said to be for the #just before that comment.
For example:

#2 might be a comment from Gina.
I'm replying to that comment, and my comment would be #15.
But when I've posted my comment, the label says it's a reply to #14, not #2.

I'm just wondering if that's on my end (my computer or something) or if it's a site problem.


I'm seeing that too, so I don't think it's just your computer.

I did notice that if you click the "Reply to #" link, it still takes you to the correct comment that it's replying to. It's just displaying the wrong number.

Thanks for pointing this out, Lisel! I'm taking a look at it.