"Reply to #....." problem

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"Reply to #....." problem

When replying to a comment (in Designer Challenge---Grateful), when I click on the link to "reply", it lets me reply, but then once it's posted, the reply is said to be for the #just before that comment.
For example:

#2 might be a comment from Gina.
I'm replying to that comment, and my comment would be #15.
But when I've posted my comment, the label says it's a reply to #14, not #2.

I'm just wondering if that's on my end (my computer or something) or if it's a site problem.


I'm seeing that too, so I don't think it's just your computer.

I did notice that if you click the "Reply to #" link, it still takes you to the correct comment that it's replying to. It's just displaying the wrong number.

Thanks for pointing this out, Lisel! I'm taking a look at it.

I have had the same experience as Lisel two days ago.

It's still doing this, but also if the reply is on the second page, clicking the "reply to #..." link doesn't even take you to the correct comment but rather the top of the page, so it's impossible to see what some people are replying to at times. smiley

Hi again, Amanda.

Sorry for this issue. We are aware of the problem, and keeping an eye out for solutions. We know it's adding a bit of confusion to the forum discussions, and do want to get it fixed soon. I'll post back in here when we find something adequate.

Thanks for the update, Thani. smiley

We have come up with a solution to this problem, and clarity should now be restored to Forum conversations. smiley Thank you guys!