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Any reason I can't add my layout to my stacks at Scrapstacks? I tried stacking both directly and from the url. When I type in the url it finds my layout but it doesn't actually stack it. I've never had that problem before and I did just add another layout just to be certain it wasn't an issue with Scrapstacks. I forgot to mention that I know I can upload my layout directly to Scrapstacks but I prefer to link back to the site.
Thanks for your help!

First, let me see if I understand the issue: You are trying to add a layout you have on your Pixel Scrapper gallery on Scrap stacks and it isn´t working? Have you tried both the scrap it button and the "add layout through URL feature"? Is it correct?

Yes that's correct. Both the stack it button and via the url. I've done it many times from other sites. Am I doing something wrong?

I´m not sure if you know, but Jordan, our IT guy, is in the middle of a road trip now, so is delaying on answering the e-mails. I tested trying to put a LO from our gallery to Scrap Stacks, and, like you, I failed. I hit submit, it processed for a while, then turned me back to the submission window. I´m on windows 7 with last version of google chrome. Both trough Stack it button and directly through the page.

So, let´s wait a while, see if it´s only happening with us or if other users are having the same problem. If anybody has a better idea on what to do, I´ll send an e-mail to Jordan explaining the problem in a way he can check it and see if there´s something he can do. I know it will take some time and it can be frustrating, but I´m sure we will make the best we can to have this fixed.

Can some other people try to stack a layout from the gallery and see what happen, please? After doing so, comment here, and don´t forget to tell what is your browser and operating system. Thank you so much!

I don't use scrapstack since I use Pinterest... but I had a vague remembrance of someone once asking Jordan to make it where people couldn't pin layouts because they wanted to keep them private. So just to double check I tried to Pin a layout to Pinterest and it still worked fine, so I don't think it's any changes Jordan made.
So.... It must be something specifically either wrong with Scrapstacks website or possibly our website not communicating with theirs properly. Sorry I can't be more help to this issue. smiley

Thanks for your help everyone- I wanted to confirm that it wasn't just my issue. I also pin my layouts and I agree, no issue there. I think it might be between the two websites and if no one else is interested in stacking I'll just upload directly to Scrapstacks. As I mentioned I prefer to upload to the site since it will link back here if someone clicks on the layout at Scrapstacks.
Thanks again!

smiley Thanks for being so understanding. We may have a fix for it someday, but I can´t promise! For now, seems the best is to either add directly or add to your blog and stack from there (it´s what I do).

Just wanted to confirm it wasn't user error lol. Thanks again!

Too funny but apparently I cannot stack from my blog either. I'll need to work on it on my end too.

I just tested stacking from my blog (blogspot) and it worked... But if you can´t do it from the PS gallery and from your blog, it may be a mistake at ScrapStacks engine that is not recognizing all the sites...

My blog is on Wordpress so that might make a difference. I'm not too worried about it. I'll load up my layouts directly to the site I guess.

I have the same problem too, when I tried to stack my kit it didn't work but I believe it is a problem with the scrap stack because it didn't add my pics from the computer either..

Yay! Scrapstacks now working on Pixel Scrapper!! ^.^

Great news!

I'm glad I checked in on this thread as I was having the same issue and just gave up trying to stack my PS pages smiley

I just tried it again and am still having the same problem that Beatrice described earlier.