Scrapstacks-can't stack again now

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Scrapstacks-can't stack again now

I'm not able to stack from the site again. Is it me or did something break? I have been uploading and linking directly which is fine but I just wonder if it's my browser or something.

Last day I was stacking the kits and it worked okay but then I wanted to stack my layouts too and it didn't work. Trully I don't know if it is about the site or not. Maybe we should write this to the owner of scrapstacks

I guess writing to scrapstacks may be useful Elif...

I'm thinking myself it sounds like scrapstacks. Like an issue between the sites communicating with each other, because it is so sporadic and not the same for everyone,nor at the same time/day. I think if scrapstacks can't help, it may be an issue where you just have to wait and see until it starts working again to use it???
It is weird though because to me, scrapstacks seems exactly like pinterest except for layouts (part of why I never started using it) and I've never had a problem pinning layouts from here to Pinterest. But it is also odd that it's just with our site or do some of you have problems with other sites too now and then?

Unfortunately this is an issue with Scrapstacks that I can't really do much about... it has to do with how they find images on a page, and some of the tech we're using on this site. Pinterest used to have an issue with that as well, but they updated their pinner to handle more types of image loading, and it works fine now... so I think the Scrapstacks "stack" scripts needs to be updated in a similar manner.

Thanks for the response Jordan. I'm not particularly technical so I'll just continue to upload layouts from my computer. There is a place to put in a link below the layout in order to link back to the kit at the site. If someone wants me to contact Scrapstacks directly I'd be happy to do it but I would need some really specific information.