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Searching forums

Hi everyone.

I'd like to know if it is possible to search the forums? For example, I'd like to find out if there are other members here from Zimbabwe?


Hi Janie smiley

There isn't a way to search for members right now.

When Jordan and Marisa get back, Jordan will gradually be implementing some new
features here in this wonderful forum.

There is very good news...the members get to vote on which features we would like to have added!

You can read about the new voting system here

Any you get 10 votes here

Under some of the options, Jordan shows which ones are already being 'planned'

So go vote and have fun!!!!

@Janie: Actually there is a temporary solution here under one topic you can vote for as Kathie mentions.

But Jordan's notes in that topic are how we moderators search the forums for the time being. smiley

thanks, that works really well!

You are so welcome Janie! Glad it worked for your needs. smiley
Have a great night!