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Text on A Path Templates

I am looking for templates with shapes and paths that allow you to type your text along a path aligned to the shape or path. i have searched text on a path and nothing comes up. The templates I am looking for would allow text within a shape or along the outside of the shape or along a created path. Anyone know of any templates within pixel scrappper?

There are a lot of templates that have text on a path here.. you might want to have a look.. you can make any path you like, it is not more difficult than using a template check this out smiley

thanks for the video referral. I work in PSE and was looking for specific templates that provides pre-made stand-alone layered files with assorted shapes and text paths to allow me to drag them into a layout and then add my own text. it does not appear that any exist or I am not using the correct search words.

They are part of layout templates here. You would have to go through the templates and look for those paths... it really is easier to make them yourself, and faster too.
I just made some.

[url=https://www.pixelscrapper.com/kit-id/label-maker-volii/items]Check these too.

I don't think we have many of these. I'll try to make some in the coming months.