Tip to fix many technical problems

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Tip to fix many technical problems

Many people have issues on this site that can be resolved by updating or resetting their web browser. If downloads aren't processing, forms aren't being saved, images aren't displaying, or you are encountering some other strange behavior, please try the steps below.

1. Check that your browser is up-to-date

Visit http://whatbrowser.org which will tell you if you are using the latest version of your browser. If you are not using the latest version, try updating your browser.

2. Does using a different browser solve the problem?

If your browser is fully updated, and the problem is still not resolved, try downloading and using one of the other browsers listed at http://whatbrowser.org (we recommend Chrome, or Firefox). You do not need to switch your main browser permanently, but trying a different browser to see if it resolves the problem is a key troubleshooting step.

3. Try resetting your main browser

If using a different browser solves the issue, then the main browser that you were using before probably needs to be reset to its default settings. You can reset your browser by following one of these guides (depending on which browser you need to reset):

Resetting your browser will reset many of your settings, but will not affect your bookmarks, and your extensions will still be available to re-enable after the reset. It sometimes happens that an extension is installed without your knowing which is slowing down your web browsing, or breaking features on some sites. (And resetting isn't as scary as it sounds: I routinely reset all of my web browsers once every month or so.)

Thank You Jordan!

This is very helpful info and greatly appreciated! smiley

Thanks, Jordan. I have found that Internet Explorer (both XP and Win 8 versions) does NOT play nicely with downloads from Mediafire, but Google Chrome works beautifully.

Hi, I reset my browser but it has been 2 days and I am not getting any daily credits, what can I do?

Hi Daniela, I just took a look at your account, and I can see that you have some free download credits in your account currently. To get more free daily download credits you need to spend all of the ones currently in your account (they do not accumulate).

HI I just got my subscription and when I go to download a section of a kit (bunting templates) I get a pop up stating I have already exceeded 5 downloads for the day but I have not downloaded anything and am not downloading a big bundle. I am in running safari. I was able to go back in and download two individual items but when I went to do an alpha I received the exceeded message again.

Sorry about that Becks: there was a glitch that crept in during a recent code update, but which has since been fixed.

Thanks Jordan, is that the first few days my points did accumulate

My problem isn't downloads. It's with writing posts. I will be tying along, when it just stalls. Today it has been especially bad. It will stall for longer periods of time, and I cannot get the cursor to move, but only on this site. All other tabs I may have open work just fine. I've had this problem since I started here. I use Firefox which I generally keep updated. It's rather frustrating to be tying along and realize that I've typed several characters or words, but they haven't posted because the software (?) has stalled yet again. Then I have to wait until it releases, often backspace to erase, the start tying again until the next stall. This has occurred several times just tying this short post.

@Linda: sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting us know about this issue. I haven't seen this particular issue reported before, but I have made a little change on the site which might possibly fix the problem. Please clear your browser's cache, and let me know if you continue to experience the same issue.

Ok, I've cleared the cache and am tying away. I was afraid that I might be the only one with the problem, and finally decided to post about it. So far I am tying just fine. Hopefully your tweak as fixed the problem for me and anyone else who might have had it. No stalls so far. Much better than a short time ago when I first posted about it. Thank you, Jordan.

@Linda: I think it may have been happening to me as well, but I hadn't noticed that it was just at Pixel Scrapper. We'll see if it happens again!

Am I the only one experiencing a very slow download? This is the only site where my download speed is terrible. right now I am downloading a 10mb file and it says I have to wait for 45 minutes. Sometimes it stops too. Please help.

@Edna, sorry for the trouble. Our downloads are served directly from Amazon, so they are normally very fast. It's possible that Amazon was experiencing some trouble with their servers, which was creating a temporary slowdown.

Please let me know if you continue to receive slow download speeds.

You may also want to consider using a download manager, which will speed up your downloads, and prevent broken downloads. A great free download manager can be found at freedownloadmanager.org (For MacOS, try using this one). Using a download manager can solve a lot of download problems.

Thanks for the tip. I installed it but the downloads to not go directly to it.This is the only site I am experiencing this slow download. Right now I am downloading just 1 paper of 10.3 mb and I am waiting for 20 minutes to finish. smiley Is there a problem with Amazon ?

@Edna: I just downloaded a 565MB kit where 2 of the 9 files were over 180MB each and the entire kit all 9 files finished in less than 5 minutes. I also unzipped them to make sure it really downloaded that fast and all the pieces seem to be there, so I don't think it's Amazon or the website. HTH

... maybe if you tell which specific file (the link to it), I can do one last test it to see if there is something wrong with the particular file.

Hi- I've been having problems with the notifications... they just don't show up anymore. If I click on the bubble, comments are still there, it just doesn't pop up the number of how many new notifications you may have. I did all the steps above... and it doesn't work in other browsers either. I just reset my browser too and that hasn't helped. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Krissy, thanks for the report. Please see this community support forum post: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/site-meta/community-support/notifications-not-notifying#comment-247716

Thank you, mentally filing this information just in case I need it.

I recently uploaded a lo,'Cluster Mad 01', to the gallery & upon close scrutiny, found that I had not inserted the photo quite under the frame, you can see the bg paper peeking through in the top right. So I re-did the insertion again, removed the old lo by choosing the edit option & re-up loaded the 2nd lo but when I checked to see if it was ok, I found that the re-uploaded lo was not replaced, still the old one was being seen.

Can anyone help? I did not want to delete the lo & upload again as I didn't want to lose a lovely comment by Jessica Dunne.

Hi Chitra,

It looks great to me! It's probably just a cache issue - it sometimes takes awhile to refresh so you may be seeing the old one while others will be seeing the new one.

Thank you for your response, Thani! I will check again a bit later. Have a nice day!