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Uploading Problem

Hi. I keep trying to upload my layout and it sends me to a captcha security site to verify i am not a robot. when i verify i have to re-upload my layout. when i re-upload it sends me to the same..so i keep circling and never being able to upload the layout. any ideas of what can be done on my part?

Are you sure you're not a robot? smiley Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

That sounds rather annoying. I'll see if someone can figure it out.

Joke's on me. I'm also getting this error.

@Alli: It seems to be a problem with Chrome. Is that the browser you're using? You can try a different browser (it worked for me in Firefox) and you can also try resetting Chrome. Resetting solved the problem for me.

ty lol. nopety nope nope i am not a robot! guess they thought you were too! ty for the advice..i will try it! @Marisa