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Website Design

It's been a few weeks since I looked at the site (after looking daily for quite a while). I see that the design has changed. At first I couldn't find anything. I was used to seeing the divisions of Graphics Commons & Gallery right at the top with photos. Finally I clicked on the thing with three horizontal lines at the top left, which brought out a drop down menu where I saw everything. However, I'm wondering whether anyone new, or those who have not been daily users would even think to do that. As far as I know that is not a standard icon meaning Menu. I think you should put the word Menu or Index or something clear next to those lines. Even maybe also an arrow pointing to it. Either that or simply get rid of the lines and just show the menu on the screen when one goes to the main page of the website. Making things hidden may save space but it makes people have to guess where things are.

the design did not change for me...
I still see the bar at the top with all the tabs (9 tabs in total) but never saw them with photo's...
I don't have the 3 horizontal lines on the left side...

Are you using a computer or a smaller device (tablet, smartphone)? that might explain the difference!

edit: I just tried it on my smartphone and now I see what you mean... that is because the screen is smaller..
If you look at the site on a computer it should be like I said above.

3 horizontal lines are always used to show 'there is more-click here'

Hi Mountain. Are you using a mobile device to look at Pixel Scrapper? We've been updating the mobile theme lately which is likely what you noticed. More pages will be updated in the future.

Three horizontal lines is a standard icon for Menu. Most mobile themed sites use this icon.