Ability to go to next item in gallery [needs more votes]

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Ability to go to next item in gallery [needs more votes]

I really enjoy looking at all the layouts in the gallery and I like that you go to the designers info page and get links to similar layouts, but I find myself wishing for a link to the next layout in the gallery. I know it isn´t too difficult to use the internet browser´s back button and then click on the next layout in the gallery but a direct link would be awesome. This feature might also be useful when looking at assets and templates.

@Karen: I like this idea too... Maybe if enough people like it, Jordan will consider adding it for us when he has time. smiley

I second that motion! A next image button would be a handy feature, indeed. I'll sign the petition. smiley

I agree as well...that would make viewing the layouts much easier.

The question with a "Next Layout" button is, how should it determine what the "next layout" is?

  • Should it go to the next layout that has been uploaded to the site-wide gallery, in chronological order?
  • Or the next layout by the same designer?
  • Or the next layout from "similar layouts"?
  • Or some other method?

@ Jordan. I always look in the gallery by "Date created" as this lets me see what is new. Since you already have links to similar layouts when you click on a layout, I don´t think a "similar layout" next button would be needed. As for a same designer next, I think it might be more useful to offer a filter or sort option in the gallery.... I guess that would really be a totally different feature but it would also be kind of cool as there are now so many designers uploading layouts to the gallery.

We just want to make sure we keep you really busy Jordan smiley .

I think that if you came from the general gallery it should go by date, and if you came from a specific person's gallery it should scroll through only theirs by date.

@Marisa: way to make it complicated smiley

LOL - you two are so cute! smiley

smiley smiley

I like Marisa's suggestion but IF we need to make it easiest... I'd prefer the chronological by date next option. smiley

Here's my vote! Would love to be able to navigate back and forth through my gallery and through somebody else's gallery.

I agree with Marisa - love the idea of being able to do either of two things.

Sorry Jordan, I'm with Marisa too... smiley Some designers have caught my eye more than once and I have often wished to browse through their galleries without having to go 'back' to their profile/ gallery/ page where I left off... But when in the general gallery, I just want to flip through the most recent pages. So, here's my vote!

What Marisa said is what I would like to see. Whatever area you are in it would go to the next layout in that area.

@Shawna, I agree!

I was just wishing for this feature!

I think this would be a great feature as well!

This would be a phenomenal feature! And I like Marisa's take on it!!! smiley smiley However, until something like this is available something I do that might help you is to right click on the layout or link or anything, really, and ask to open link in a new tab so that I can easily go back to where I came from. I tend to end up with a lot of tabs open that I have to go back and close but I find it less frustrating than having to use the forward and back button on my browser and lose my starting point that I was still wanting to look at.

Being able to go to the next item in your own gallery, as well as the greater gallery, would be a nice feature!

Good idea!

excellent idea - and I do love the complicated version smiley