Ability to Invite Others to PixelScrapper [planned]

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Ability to Invite Others to PixelScrapper [planned]

I have a few friends who digi-scrap, and I would like the ability to be able to invite them to this community! I can always send them a link, but that's not quite the same as an invitation.

Q - would invitations to come to the site help with the Google issue?

I like this idea Jody, and it's something that we've thought about implementing. Unfortunately probably won't be up for a while, so manually inviting people by email will have to do for now...

Regarding your Google question: since nobody is finding our site through search right now, word of mouth invitations are the only thing keeping this site alive at the moment--so please do invite as many people as you can smiley

This would be a great feature. I don't have lots of people to use this feature but on Thanksgiving I met my nieces sister in law and told her about the site, so it would be beneficial to send an invite.

Okay...I'll keep sending those emails!

Great idea! I just e-mailed several friends about the site, but an invitation option would be that much better!

Since we're a digi-scrapbook site, could one of us create a digital invitation with the link embedded or even just listed on the invitation. Could we then make it something public that we could send to people in jpg form?