Detail on papers?

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Detail on papers?

Would it be possible, especially on papers that have a subtle texture or pattern, to have even just a small portion of the paper enlarged? It's sometimes very difficult to see the detail on the small previews, and there have been a couple times I've downloaded one with a specific use in mind, only to find it wasn't what I was looking for when I was able to see it at full resolution. Just thought that might be helpful for others as well.

Good idea, Kelly!

That is an awesome idea - esp. for textures/overlays... smiley

Jordan, I'm not sure if you or Marisa have seen this done on other previews or not, but I have. Some people will put a glass bubble on top of the paper with a detailed zoom-in of the paper inside that little bubble. Other people have put a magnifying glass on top of the paper and they, too, put a detailed zoom-in of the paper under the magnifying glass. smiley Thought this might help if you were looking for ideas on how to do this.