Have custom content pictures on downloaded folders

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Have custom content pictures on downloaded folders

I've been downloading a lot of kits and found that I needed to customize the folder icon to differentiate them from each other so that I could find what I needed quickly. I added the kit picture to the folder icon for each kit and now my scrapbook folder is organized visually and kits are easier to find. I thought that maybe other members would like the same feature and so I'm posting here to see if there's a demand, and if it's possible to have this included in with the downloads. (FYI, I'm using a mac but think that PCs would allow custom folder icons as well.)


Are you talking about the preview picture? I download them, too! Most of the items that I've downloaded aren't even identified as to what kit, designer, etc they're from, and I'm tempted to go and change their names. lol

Yes, Julie, that's what I'm talking about. In detail, my process is:

  1. Get Info on the kit's preview file
  2. Screen capture the preview graphic
  3. Copy the screen capture onto a custom folder icon png file
  4. Copy the combined image
  5. Get Info on the Kits folder icon
  6. Paste my combined image to replace the generic folder icon
Voila! I have a pretty and visual image of the contents of the kit.

This is time consuming and I'm wondering if one person does it before we all download, it's a lot less work for everyone. I'd be happy to share the ones I've already done. Is anyone interested in this enhancement?

I do this myself when I unzip my downloads and it doesn't take a lot of time. In windows, if you label the kit preview image "folder" it will show on the folder icon.

Thanks for the suggestion, all. We'll look into this.

@Diana: I'm a bit confused by your statement that "most of the items that I've downloaded aren't even identified as to what kit, designer, etc they're from", as every item should start with ps_designera-name_ and then have the items unique id and its name, and then the license (pu or cu). I would consider including the name of the kit was well, but unfortunately that would make the file names too long... anyway, can you give me a bit more detail as far as not seeing the designer name when you download a file?

Hi Jordan, that wasn't me that said that kits aren't identified by designer; that was Julie Peterson's comment.

A visual picture lets me quickly see what folder I want to access for the project at hand, whereas a text label doesn't do that for me. I'm on a mac and the process apparently is more time consuming than on Windows, as stated by Tiffany Johnstone. But obviously, if you have one person doing this before uploading, it's less time collectively than for everyone to do it after the download.

In any event, this would be a nice enhancement but in no way detracts from the fabulous kits at Pixel Scrapper. Love this site and all the beautiful designs!


@Diana: yes, wrong comment--sorry about that!

And thanks for the suggestion regarding the preview picture: we are going to start including them by default in all future kits, titled so that they will automatically be the folder preview on Mac and Windows.

That's great news Jordan! Thanks so much!

Diana, there is a free program available for Mac, making it way easier to put your preview on a folder. I read all about it here and I use this all the time!

@Jordan: If I am not mistaken, unless you pre-stick your preview to the folder like described in the above blogpost, just naming the preview image Folder.jpg and put it inside the folder doesn't work for Mac... Only PC...

OMG, Melo, this is so frickin' cool! Takes like 2 seconds to change the icon. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Glad to be of help! smiley