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How This Works Page

I'm confused on DL points and how they are earned and community points and how that relates to DL points if at all. I spent about 30 minutes looking for the guidelines and couldn't find it but I know I read it at some point. I tried the Search box and didn't come up with anything. So, what I was thinking would be nice is a statement or list (not in the forums) on a separate page that lays out how it all works - maybe a "Who We Are, What We Do and This Is How We Do It" sort of page. My daily DL credits was 12 and now it's 6 and I'm trying to figure it out.

I found the links to all my questions in the forums! Just the same, I think it would be helpful to have that on a separate super obvious page rather than in the forums. Just my little ole two cents.

Hey Tina, that's a great idea--our support/help pages definitely need work (there's just so much to do at the moment, that the help pages have been a bit neglected)! Right now we've got some help pages at, which you can get to by clicking on the "support" link in your account dropdown menu in the upper right (and which are linked to in a few places in the forums, etc.), but clearly we need to make better pages, and make them more prominent.

You've probably already seen these pages, but just in case:

I think the main issue that is confusing in your case, is that something seems to have gone wrong! The number of free DC you get every day should only ever INCREASE as your community points increase: you should never receive fewer free DC per day than you did in the past. Because you are a forum moderator, you are supposed to receive 12 free DC per day (on top of the DC you got for donating), regardless of the number of community points you have (otherwise you would receive 10 free DC per day, for having over 300 community points). I checked the database, and things look to be in order, so I'm not sure why you're only receiving 6... is this a new problem, or have you only been receiving 6 DC per day for a while?

Thanks for reporting the issue--I'll definitely work to get this sorted out!

I have only been getting six credits a day for just the last few days I think. I just sort of noticed a few days ago and figured that I had downloaded more than I realized. No need to play catch up, I've got plenty of DCs, but I would like to get my daily dose back to normal at some point. smiley

Hi Tina. I just manually triggered an update of your download credits, and they updated as expected. You had 140 "purchased" DC in your account + 0 free DC = 140 DC... your account was updated correctly to 140 "purchased" DC + 12 Free DC. So you should have 152 DC in your account at this point. I'm wondering if the issue previously was that you weren't spending all of your free DC?

Let's say you have 140 purchased DC + 12 Free DC in your account. If you spend 6 DC, you will then have 140 purchased DC + 6 Free DC = 146 DC. The next day, when your DC gets updated, it will update to 140 DC + 12 Free DC = 152 DC, which is only 6 more than the day before, because you didn't "empty" your Free DC (they need to be emptied, because they don't accumulate: they only ever get topped off).

Could that have been the issue?

Well, who knowd - it could be, but I am pretty faithful about spending my download credits! All's well now though - thanks so much! smiley

No problem: do let me know if this problem comes up again...