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Kit Preview

I keep my kits alphabetized with a kit preview photo on the folder. Because you do not include a preview picture with your kits/bundles, I do my best to pull them from your site, but most often I just get the kit info. I'd love to see you include previews in your kits or tell me how I can pull them from your site.

Thanks a bunch!
Marty Rowe

Every kit I downloaded today had preview folders from which I could pull the kit pic! Is this new or have I lost my marbles? I was able to put a preview of the kit on each of my folders. Thanks!

Hi Marty,
Designers in here usually include kit and bundle previews in the folders, however in some cases they may have missed to include. Hope that's help!

Thank you! The previews are very helpful to me!

Thanks for the previews from me, too! They are a great help when organising smiley