Make an easier to find Welcome [done]

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Make an easier to find Welcome [done]

I'm sure you've seen in many forum posts that there are many people new to the
digital scrapbooking world. Many of them are also new to forums and have no idea
where to start or what to do when they get here.

Pixel Scrapper has been growing so fast, that I think it would be a very big help to
all the new people finding this site, if they could have a better starting point the minute
they get here so they don't get lost or frustrated and leave before seeing what a
wonderful community this is.

So my suggestion is:

Make a new section heading above the chit chat it

'Welcome' or 'Welcome - Getting Started'

Then move all the pinned topics from chit chat into that section

By doing that, it gives all the new people a starting point that's much easier to find when they get here.

~Hugs~ Kathie smiley

Hi Cathie! Is something like this you were thinking about? Do you think we should change this topic´s name? Or you´re thinking on a totally different thing?

Hi Kathie, thanks a lot for the suggestion. I like the idea of creating a whole new forum for the welcome/help topics to make it easier for people to get started... +1 from me smiley

Thanks for the replies Jordan and Lorien!

I think it would be extremely helpful for first time visitors! smiley


I think Jordan is understanding what I'm trying to say...LOL!

But for you...this might help you figure out what I mean:

Forum Headings right now:


Chit Chat
Book Club

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking Discussion
Software Specific Questions.....etc.


** With New Heading:**


*Welcome - Getting Started*
Chit Chat
Book Club

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking Discussion
Software Specific Questions.....etc.

Then in the new Welcome section...move all the pinned items from the top area of
Chit Chat to this new section...including the link you have in your reply here.

Seem a great idea Kathie! I´ll put a heart on this topic because I really like this one smiley

Thank you Lorien!

I was hoping this would make more sense to you now.

I should have listed it the first time to make easier to follow what I was
trying to say...LOL! smiley

I'm glad Jordan was able to figure it out!!!! I knew what I was trying to say,
but it might have not been easy for everyone to understand what I meant! smiley smiley

Happy to say that I just implemented the new "welcome" forum today. Thanks for the great idea Kathie!

Oh WOW looks fantastic! Great Job! smiley

The minute someone new to the site clicks on the 'forum' tab, they will
immediately know where to start. The 'Welcome' stands right out, so there's no
mistaking where to begin.

So glad you liked the idea and my implemented it so quickly!!!! smiley

It is awesome! What a wonderful idea you had, Kathie. I am glad you implemented it, Jordan. smiley

That would be great make it lot easier for newcomers.