More challenges?

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More challenges?

I'm greedy for challenges because they get me making more layouts that I would make on my own. I've looked over the challenge forum and maybe there are more challenges than I realize since I just joined near the end of August. I'll be watching closely as September move on a bit.

I know it might be difficult to get moderators, but I do hope its possible. The more challenges the better!

And while I'm posting, I wanted to sing, "For They are Jolly Good Fellows." It's so nice not to have to restrict layouts to just the items sold on the challenge website. I don't really need a lot more elements since I have over 4,000 according to lightroom (now that's a challenge to go searching through!) But I still download them because I'm greedy!

After I've explored the site a little longer and gotten to know it better, I think I'll use the donation feature, not because I need to download more, but just to keep the site going.

Kudos and thank you to those responsible for this website. I'm so glad I found it.

Your wish for more challenges should hopefully come true in the next month or so!

Can't wait! Thank you.