Option to see only new items to download

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Option to see only new items to download

Is there a way to only see new goodies added? Like new papers or embellishments? Because I search by "date created" but miss some things. Like couldn't there be an option for new things added that day (I'm on Pixelscrapper EVERY DAY) so that I don't need to go through goodies that I already seen and/or have.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bianca. We will definitely think about this.

Along the same vein, is it possible to view only the kits/bundles I have not downloaded yet? Probably like most people, I have small chunks of time to search/download items. As new items are added, it seems that they go to the front of the "kits" list (understandably, as those are what most people are going to be interested in). However, that pushes back the items that I have already viewed and/or downloaded from the kits section. When I go back to look for another kit to download, I have to wade through a bunch I've already looked at and/or downloaded. Sure, when I click on an element/kit/bundle I've already downloaded, it tells me that, but it would be easier and faster to only have to look through the elements/kits in the thumbnails that I have not yet downloaded. Does that make sense? And is that doable? Or does that search criteria already exist and I have missed it? Thank you!

@Julie: unfortunately that kind of individual filtering would be very difficult to implement using the system that we have in place, but we will definitely be thinking of how we can best create that kind of functionality, so that you don't waste time looking at items you already have...

Thanks for the input!

or even a little checkmark or something that indicates that you've already downloaded that kit/bundle/asset/template while you're viewing in the search results/category listing. Not sure whether that's more or less possible than a filter option, but it would be helpful smiley

Sorry for the duplicate post in the other thread. Hadn't realized I had already requested this! Thank you for your reply!

I would love for the word "downloaded" to be placed next to any of the downloaded thumbnails that are in the hearts folder. This would help tremendously in keeping things organized, as well as facilitate quick and easy downloading. These hearts accumulate rapidly as I am using the hearts folder to set aside any items I want to download at a future date.

I wonder, unlike tagging for the individual, if there could be a generic code that will tag as downloaded and set to a person's profile. Sort of how when we heart something, it goes into our personal heart page. Can that code be adjusted to write "downloaded" by the thumbnail as soon as we click on the download button? Or at least send it to a downloaded page. In the second case, I would like to see the option to separate your hearts thumbnails into downloaded and not downloaded. I'm only suggesting this, because this site should pick up really fast. That means more content, more users and more users complaining about having to sift through 20+ pages of thumbnails.

I'm not sure if it is possible, but I would love to see it happen.



Agree, a checkmark while you're searching would be great. I have had it where I click the item and then it says
"you have already uploaded this and you can re-upload it until xxxx date".

Great ideas! I vote yes for this! smiley

PS.... Julie Cowan your picture makes me laugh every time I see it in the forms! I love it!