Please let me promote your products

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Please let me promote your products

Dear Designers,

I am eDee Bruns and I own

I have reached out to some Digital Scrapbooking sites before about collaboration posts, but haven't receive a great response. I think the reason is because I haven't explained what I do and what I want to do for you.

This is what I do: You see companies like P&G and WalMart pay me $150.00 - $350.00 a pop, plus give me the product, to write a blog post that talks about just 1 of their products. And if they receive a good response than they pay me again to do it again.

This is what I want to do for you: I want to do the same thing for you, but an no cost! You know that “Shop Local Saturday” thing. I'm doing “Promote small online businesses”
I will even Purchase each kit that I use. And if I purchase the kits, than my post won't be “sponsored” which means I can put a 'follow' link from my blog to yours.
I have a PR 4 which means my posts are indexed higher than many other blogs.

I want to take a digital scrapbooking kit, create some kind of calendar like the one I have attached and make it downloadable for free from my website.

In exchange for letting me giveaway the finished product I will put links to your Digital Scrapbook website and to the product page and I'll gush over how easy the kit is to use and how beautiful each piece is. I will even use any Keywords you'd like.
I will NOT give the kit away. Just the finished printable. Even if I use a Free kit, my visitors will still need to go to Your site to download the kit.

I know you are skeptical, but if you look at my blog you'll see that I do promote actual products. I even promote real work at home jobs. I slam online scams.
And if all that doesn't convince you that I'm a good person and I'm only trying to bring more traffic to you and me - than please friend me on my business profile and go through each one of my status updates. This is my business profile and open to anyone to see anything - Because I use it for promoting.

Thank you for your time.
~eDee Williams Bruns
My blog receives 10,000 visitors a day and have a very active following.

@EDee: for this kind of inquiry, please send us an email directly, rather than posting in the forums. This is not a feature request, so I'm going to lock this topic.

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