"Remember Me" option for logging in

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"Remember Me" option for logging in

Maybe I'm just a bit lazy but I get bugged that I'm automatically signed off every night. I like to open the page and already be signed in. smiley Or maybe just extend the window to 12-24 hours, that would work for me because I'm on here one of the first things in the morning and usually my last stop at night. smiley

Can I ditto this request??

It's extremely hard to log in from my phone and without the log in, most of the posts in a thread don't show.

Will continue to think about how to solve this issue.

For now, I will remind people that your login information will be saved by your browser if you use this page to log in (rather than popup box): http://www.pixelscrapper.com/user

Bump. I think this is pretty popular...

Good detective skills Tiffany! I had no idea there were already requests for this when I posted mine last week, haha. smiley

I would also like a remember me option. I have discovered that I'm staying logged in now that I've saved my profile page as my bookmark.

Firefox does have a remember option, to remember passwords and usernames. The only problem with this is someone stealing or hacking into your computer and this is one of the first items they look for.

love this. thanks