Save Button for when you are working on a Tutorial or Long comment

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Save Button for when you are working on a Tutorial or Long comment

I don't think anyone has asked for this before. I looked through all of the requests and don't believe I saw any for this. I have been in the middle of writing something and it was really detailed and then just lose it all so would be great if we could save or it would have an automatic save to it without posting. I hope it would not be too difficult but I bet others have had this problem too. Now to go back and find all my references and rewrite the whole darn thing or do you know another way for me to get what I had written back?

Brenda, I have nothing to do with the workings of the site. But, I always suggest the following to anyone that post in a forum. You may want to write your response/tutorial/whatever out in a word document first. Then you can just copy and paste from there.

I haven't been on any forum that has a save feature.

Thanks for weighing in Susan: that is a great recommendation.

Another option is to use Google Chrome for web browsing (if you do not use it already): Chrome will do it's best to save posts you are working on, even if you push the back button on your browser, or your browser crashes.

Susan, Thanks for the suggestion but I do use Word Processor and I have so much saved it is crazy and then sometimes I forget to save that so oh well and Jordan Thanks for the suggestion but I checked chrome out and I don't really like it. Maybe I'll try again and see if I can find something I like about it.