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Software/Tutorial Suggestions

I've noticed that many use a variety of software on this site for creating their scrap layouts but the most common ones are PS, Illustrator, Corel, Seriff, Gimp and Inkscape.

Was wondering will there be tutorials in the future for the other not so common programs to those on here like Seriff, Gimp or Inkscape?

I understand it may be a new learning curve to learn, I just haven't seen much towards those programs, it's like PS goes well together with Illustrator like Gimp goes well with Inkscape in designing most of the time you need both.

I wouldn't mind giving some tutorials on how to use both.

I'd be for that.... GIMP user and new to Inkscape.

Or at least a place we can organize and post links to the equivalent tutorials in GIMP/Inkscape...

I feel like I'm still in the learning stage for both but I'd love to help out with tutorials as well.

I honestly wouldn't know what level learning stage I am at as most of the time I take and compare programs from the other even classes/instructors but on illustrator to inkscape the concepts in illustrator is far more advanced than inkscape but in digital scrapbooking they are near the same because there really isn't far complex advanced designing in digital scrap-booking where you couldn't achieve the quality in illustrator from inkscape they level each other out nearly the same.

I actually like learning the harder programs first rather than the easier as it is an advantage in the long run from something (commonly used) manually implemented to process easier and efficient. It would give this line of scrapbook creating an advantage from the ones that couldn't nor do most know how to, do I bet they would make use of it if the knew how.

Good idea Fran: we're definitely considering adding more tutorials for other programs in the future: stay tuned!

I'm new so not sure if it's apropriate to jump into this discussion, but I would also love tutorials or at least a forum for other programs esp. open source ones (gimp, have downloaded inkscape this week but haven't played with it yet.)


Thanks for weighing in, Shanti: we hope to be able to offer tutorials for other programs in the future.