Tutorials for Programs Other Than PS & PSP

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Tutorials for Programs Other Than PS & PSP

I love to learn new techniques and would love to see tutorials that can be applied to those of us who use the less popular software, tutorials that are more generalized or can be applied by anyone. Thank you!

In the past and the early beginning stages of the beta website, I know as long as a minimum of TWO people are willing to teach, answer & field questions, while maintaining a particular program related forum Jordan and Marisa were receptive to starting one for any software. There just has to be the manpower (persons) who are in the know and willing to watch that forum daily. smiley

@Cindy, as nice as it would be to have Pixelscrapper have the tutorial, have you tried going to youtube? Just searching for your software then typing something as simple as tutorial or something quite specific.
Re Shawna's point, is there a way to find out if people are willing to make tutorials?

youtube is great, but I don't have my speakers set up...and haven't for a long time (longish story). I use photoimpact. I don't know if anyone is willing to make tuts...or how to find that out. I know there is at least one other person on this site who uses the same software.

But I was also thinking tuts about scrapbooking, in general...i.e., layout design, designing elements, etc.


@Cindy, I assumed most of the tutorial on PixelScrapper are video based. Sorry, my mistake. However, you can go to www.google.com and search photoimpact tutorials and get oodles of options. I did a quick search for you and found http://www.creationsbydawn.net/pi/tutorials/tutorials.html this website. I only took the time to click on one random link on the following site and it was text and photo based. Another option is to go back to www.google.com and search photoimpact layout tutorial or photoimpact clustering tutorial or photoimpact design elements tutorial. I find Pixelscrapper to be such a small community that to add something that will only benefit two might be difficult to do.

Also, each software is SO different that having more generic tutorials would not necessarily be possible. What someone does in photoimpact is different than what someone would do in photoshop or any other program.

Hi Heather! I understand what you're saying. I just thought it would be nice to learn some new techniques (not necessarily software-related, but geared to scrappers in general, LO design, Kit design, etc.). I love learning new things. I've probably been to every site that exists (for photoimpact). I've taken classes, still working on one of those now, but would be fun to have a "mini-course" in something...love to learn! smiley I will keep searching, as you suggest...googling, that is! smiley

I've been thinking about doing some design tutorials. This is a bit more challenging for me since I don't actually have formal training in design so I have to try and figure out what I'm doing...

Oh, Marisa, that would be just AWESOME! Keep us updated! smiley

I have several programs but I prefer using Photoshop Elements 10 right now and I have Googled it to death and there are some Photoshop Tutorials that you can figure out and work it in PSE but I guess I am still wanting to learn and would love to see more tutorials done with PSE or/and I would be willing to try doing tutorials to show some things I have learned or referencing a link that has great tutorials to others that have PSE and vice versa. I hope this is not out of line here but would like to know if there are a lot on the site that also use PSE and if it would be worth working out the time to do this. Anyone that has PSE could you weigh in on this. I've seen a few. Thanks, Brenda

If you use Storybook Creator or Artisan by Panstoria, Pixels to Pages is a fabulous resource.