Unique Kit Challenge?

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Unique Kit Challenge?

I'd love to see kits that include really unique elements.
I'd love to see one without ribbons, bows, flowers or buttons. And maybe some unique textures?

I'm working on some unique elements to add to my kits and wondered if anyone had suggestions.

Hi kim - the issue is that there are scrappers that love to cluster ellements, and it´s difficult to cluster without flowers of different sizes, greenery, ribbons or strings (and sometimes brads/buttons and rhinestones). So kits without any of them would probably be seen as incomplete for many people. There are kits that have "alternatives" for when you don´t want to use flowers, like hearts, hexagons, butterflies, paisleys and stars, but they usually include some flowers and greenery too.

If you are wondering to see some pages with few of more traditional ellements, check Heather Neal´s gallery - she always credits the kits she used, that can help you to find the inspiration you want... She´s also a designer too!

I agree with Lorien, those elements tend to be staples in most kits. I know that I try to add unique elements along with the basics...but just can't imagine not including the basics (I tend to like to cluster things in my layouts).

Are there specific kits/topics that you're looking for?