User-donated DC for Contest prizes; food for thought.

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User-donated DC for Contest prizes; food for thought.

A poetry site that I used to frequent (Allpoetry) would let the people who donated "gift" their credits as a prize for user-sponsored poetry contests and commissions. I thought that it might be something ya'll would be interested in, at least in the future. The user-sponsored contests, projects, commissions, etc, really boosted community activity, and it was a way to spread around credits that could be used for special features while still donating to the site. It was a pretty cool system that encouraged a lot of creativity, creation, and experimentation - and it seems like something that the community here would be interested in.

Just food for thought. smiley

Good idea!

Thanks for letting us know about this Mollie: that sounds like a great idea!

That is a cool idea! Can I expand it a little? How about some challenges that you pay to enter with a download credit or 2 ...Winner takes all! And maybe challenges where everyone can vote with a payment of 1 credit ...Voters choice - the layout with the most votes wins all the credits ...or maybe the top 3 share them but scaled so the winner gets more, 2nd place gets a few less and 3rd place gets less again. AND lol while I'm on it ...sorry it means you guys giving more away but how about extra special challenges where everyone who enters gets 1 dc to encourage more entries ...but you'd only be allowed to enter those challenges once ...maybe do those challenges at 'special times' - christmas, site anniversary etc

I still like this idea.
Since I have a subscription to the site now I have points just sitting in my acct.
I wouldn't mind donating them to someone else to get things they like.

I love this idea too Mollie!

I also like the idea of it being based on participation and creativity.

Personally, I do not like the idea of pay to enter and/or vote using credits.
I think that it would defeat the purpose of giving away some credits to those that need them and
are participating and taking an active part in this community forum. would make a lot more work for Jordan, since he would have to program all of this! Yikes!

Second...for the newest members...they won't have had time to build up very many daily credits and
may be wanting to use them to download things they need, rather than spend them to vote or participate.

Since this site is based on community and creativity, I think it would really boost the participation if it's kept
simple and easy to participate...and depending on how many credits are donated...maybe give out a top
3 set of prizes (like 50 credits/1st place...40/2nd place...30/3rd place) and then use the rest to give out
3 to 5 credits to everyone that participates. This way everyone wins a little something for taking an active
part in whatever the challenge is and will give them incentive to keep participating in all the other challenges.

OK...that's my 2 cents worth...LOL! smiley

I just love all the ideas that everyone keeps coming up with and sharing here! smiley