Vote on feature requests by "hearting" requests you like

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Vote on feature requests by "hearting" requests you like

"Hearting" something on Pixel Scrapper is just like "liking" things on other sites, like Facebook, or Pinterest: it's a way to show your support for things that you like or agree with.

Vote for the features they would most like to see implemented by hearting those posts. The feature requests with the most hearts are going to be the ones that go to the top of my to do list...

To heart a topic, just click on the topic from the topics list within, and click on the "heart this" button:

You can also now see the number of hearts that each topic has received when browsing the forums, and sort by that number if you'd like:


Can you maybe do a blog post or a FB post as a reminder for this?
I think this is an amazing opprtunity to contribute to the look and feel of this site and I'm afraid not enough people know about it because this post is kinda lost at the bottom of the forums... I know I'm doing my part to endorse the concepts I like!

I'll post it to FB and Twitter later today!

good to know, thanks!

I would add a button that says "Download Complete" within the site not from your own computer or laptop

Could we perhaps be able to see who has hearted things? (Such as our layouts, etc?)

Good idea, Jess. Could you add that as a separate feature request? Thanks!

Not sure if this the correct place to put this, but how about "all things country", or even Amish living.
Just some thoughts smiley