A Little Help Please!

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A Little Help Please!

A few weeks ago Jordan announced a new community tagging feature. Everyone thought this was a great idea, but now you'll learn that we had a secret agenda behind it!

One of the main features of Pixel Scrapper is that you can download individual graphics, instead of entire kits, in case you're looking for a certain something special. I'm sure you can imagine this takes a lot of work, but Jordan's been working on a new system that makes things a bit faster. And I've been testing it out.

But now we need your help. In order to make things more efficient for me (and the other designers soon hopefully!) I need you to help me make sure everything is tagged well. If you have a few extra minutes, please consider looking over my recently uploaded graphics and adding any tags that are missing.

Particularly Important Tags

  • template (for anything black, or grayscale)
  • paper
  • element
  • element type (button, brad, flower, etc)

Thanks everyone in advance! Pixel Scrapper runs on the generosity and support of its community!

Marisa, I just checked some of them. The most recent ones had no tags at all. I couldn´t tag each and all of them, but I hope the tags I added helps!

Probably I forgot to add the tags. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing smiley I'll take a look at them too.

I have no idea on what kind of system you´re using, but I did something very similar on my finance software last month: I was sure I was adding the costumer´s names, but I wasn´t. So I totally understand you smiley.

And on a side note, oh lords my English is getting worse! I think I need to spend more time chattting at PS or I´ll loose my fluency smiley

I threw in a few here and there. smiley

I started going through some of the bird stamps and adding the names of the birds. I'm not sure if you want this or not but I know that I sometimes search for really specific elements so I thought others might too.


OK I will do some more when I get the time. I like birds smiley.