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Activity Stream Privacy Settings

Some more exciting news!

When we announced the long-awaited Activity Streams about 7 months ago (see the announcement) there were some concerns expressed regarding the lack of ability to control privacy settings on this new feature.

This was a bit of a crazy Summer for us, as I got married. So it took a bit longer than we would have liked, but we have now implemented privacy settings for the Activity Streams that you can manage via your account settings.

To get to your account settings, simply hit the link from the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen.

Then scroll down the page and you'll find them.

You'll notice there are three options. Either you don't check any of the boxes (this is the default) and your whole activity stream can be seen by other users. If you are comfortable with it, this is what we recommend, as we believe it helps foster community on the site and it's fun to see what others are up to. smiley

In the middle, you can check the "Hide Non Public Activity" box, which will hide activity that isn't already public (so things like what you download and what you heart will be hidden, but comments you make on layouts and in the forums can still be seen).

Or, you can "Hide All Activity," which will hide the Activity Stream in its entirety.

(Note: no matter what level you choose for yourself, you will always see the whole stream and it will look the exact same to you. It only changes what others see.)

While we of course love fostering community through the features on our site, and so recommend leaving off the privacy settings if you are comfortable with that, we equally want people to feel completely safe at Pixel Scrapper. So we also recommend turning on your privacy settings if you are not comfortable without them. smiley

Much love.

First of all, congratulations to you and your bride! Getting married is an excellent reason for having to put non-getting-married things to the side for awhile.

Second, thank you for implementing the privacy settings. It's good to be able to have personal control over what others see.

Barbara Hall

Congratulations on your summer wedding!

Thank you for the update. smiley

Congratulations Thani for your marriage!

On the other hand, thank you very much for your job: now in these days of piratery we need to have some private space to feel comfortable!

Congrats, Thani! Thank you!



Many thanks Thani! smiley

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to Pixel Scrapper too, Thani!

Congratulations and thank you for implementing the privacy settings.

Congratulations Thani, may you both have a lifetime of happiness together. ♥♥

Congratulations on your wedding! smiley