Adding Your Layout as an "Example Layout"

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Adding Your Layout as an "Example Layout"

Now that we have kits, you can add your layout as an example layout by following these easy steps. (Obviously this only works with kits that have actually been uploaded, but eventually they all will be here and you can edit your layout if you'd like to add it).

When uploading a layout, choose the "Kit" tab:

Then start typing in the name of the Kit. If the kit has a "bundle" option, you should choose that one, otherwise select the kit you used.

After a little time your layout will show up among the other layouts that have been added:

Marisa... Does this apply only to layouts that have used parts from that kit only (i.e. Birds in Snow) and nothing from other designers?

The reason I ask is I generally don't make layouts from just one kit - I select stuff randomly from a bunch of designers based on the theme & color scheme of my photo. (look at my gallery & read the description area of a couple of my layouts to see what I mean)

For example, in my karate layout I used a paper from your Malaysia kit & some flowers from your Discover, Cambodia & Taiwan kits. The rest of the items in my layout are by other designers... Would you like me to put that layout under the Malaysia, Discover, Cambodia & Taiwan kits? Or not because I used multiple kits and/or items from other designers in my layout?

That's a good question.

First of all, you can't actually add any of those kits because I haven't added them to the site. I will, but I didn't want anyone to be confused since you can only link the kits I've uploaded as kits (like Birds in Snow).

To answer your real question, the kit field is to be used when you have used primarily one kit. Since it will be shown as an "example layout" I would just ask yourself, "Is this a good example for this kit?" or "Does it inspire people to use these assets?"

We are still working on a feature that will let you list everything you use on the layout, which may be more what you're looking for if you use a little bit of everything.

Ah, thanks. smiley That's what I figured but I wanted to make sure....

I really should make a few pages using stuff only from one kit, but for some reason it never works out that way - I always end up wanting to add something to my page that doesn't exist in that kit, kwim? smiley


How do I download the freebies on the train blog? At least that is what I thought I read, that they are free. I'm new to this. I really want to participate in the "Birds in Snow" Challenge.

Also unrelated question...I wanted to know if you have any plans of featuring items like owls, birds, trees, leaves, branches, separate letters and numbers to make words on our own, to download in the near future? If you already have them available for downloading, can you point me in the right direction?


Hi Wendy. Go here for the blog train freebies.

And for alphas and other things you are looking for, try a "search" - you'll see the search box just below your profile pic in the upper right corner. Or if you click on "assets" at the top, then narrow results by "checking" various tags in the left column. smiley

Here you can see a search in action, use the left column to help you narrow down the search items.

Thanks for the explanations, Marisa. I'm an inspirational scrapper so my stuff tends to be from whatever floats my boat and not just any one kit so I'm looking forward to the feature that will let us list everything we use on the layout.

Thanks for all the explanations. I can use all the guidance I can get when it comes to maneuvering through any website.

I can't seem to upload my upload. What do I do after I locate the kit bundle (Superlatives)? I don't see any options. Thanks for your help!

@Cindy: I added the right tag for you, see the challenge post for details.

I am the same as you Lizanne I usually use a mix of kits a real mismatch. I can spend hours searching for just the right paper! Yikes does that mean I need to get a life?

Marisa help , I proceed as your explications for a long time, why the preview kits is not visible in my gallery at the same time as my pages ??? smiley I do not know why ??? smiley

@Bourico: Most of your layouts are connected to the right kit. Is there one layout that isn't connected?

yes Marisa,i have the good title of the kit, ....but I do not see the preview of the kit in my description with my page in my galery.., that's what I do not understand ?? smiley

@Bourica - individual items show up under attribution links on the right, but if you say "kit used" it doesn't (that surprised me too the first time!) - instead the name shows up below the layout with other sample layouts using the same kids (ie "More Layouts Using *NAME OF KIT*). It never actually shows the preview of the kit anywhere.

ahhh ok , thanks Teddy !! smiley smiley