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I spend over $10 per month now, so I would LOVE to have this option....tell me when and where to sign up smiley

I agree with most of the above. Even though I really appreciate your generosity, I hardly ever spend all my daily download credits - sometimes I spend the lot two evenings in a row, but that's about it. Downgrading to a weekly 'allowance' would be just as welcome to me. I don't like subscriptions either; having a double mortgage right now doesn't allow for extra monthly spendings. I am still waiting for my birthday present (to you!) so I can finally donate. Not to get more DC, but to express the my gratitude for this wonderful site. It has become my second life smiley

I think it's a great idea!

Thank you Jordan just signed up for CU downloads. smiley

I signed up for the CU downloads as soon as I got my email from Jordan! It was confirmed by Marisa immediately afterwards...probably an auto email but it was appreciated.

Today was the first day that I took advantage of the easy! I think I am gonna love this subscription!!!

Already taking advantage of the CU download subscription smiley

I'm definitely interested in the unlimited personal use subscription... When/where can I sign up for that, Jordan?

@Lizanne: we're doing a slow roll out of subscriptions to make sure everything works as intended. For established community members interested in being part of the initial roll out, please see this announcement.

well, the good thing I was hoping would happen still didn´t... but as soon as I have some money, I´ll subscribe smiley

I'm planning on participating...I just have one question, which is the reason I haven't already registered/paid for this:

If I purchase today, does my monthly period run from today through 6/10/13
does it just cover the remaining days in the month of May? KWIM? Hope I'm making sense!

@Jordan: I saw that thread. What I missed was the Contact Form part - thank you! smiley

@Cindy: your monthly term begins on the day you subscribe, and extends for one month from that day. (So e.g. 5/12/2013 -> 6/12/2013).

I'm a subscriber for unlimited dl'ing. I just wanted to throw this out there and ask for anyone's opinion on how best to go about downloading kits/templates/assets. What would be the most thorough/best way to dl in order to dl everything and not miss anything? Thanks! smiley

Cindy, my plan is to start with the kits. Oh, and I bought a new portable EHD for the DLs. From there I will do template and overlays. When I did all the paper templates I would do some and then keep note of which page I was on so that I knew where to start the next day. This is how I did it when I was using my DCs. Once you go to the assets and papers you will want to look to see if they were included in kits or not. Remember some things are not included in kits. Also, you will need to note on the first screen of the kits (or whichever category you are in) each day to see if there is anything new. If that is the case I would make sure I DL that kit before going to where I was the last time I was downloading.

That's my plan.

Thanks for your help, Jordan!

Thanks Janet, for sharing your plan! Sounds like a good one! That's your plan and you're sticking to it, right?! smiley OMG, am I going to need ANOTHER EHD? Just purchased that 3 TB, but that's for backups! Hmmm, I do have one empty EHD, though it's not a very large one compared to the last two I purchased.

Checking to see if items are included in kits...great tip! Thanks!

You know, I started keeping a list, but now I'm thinking, maybe I should use Evernote for this...would be really convenient.

Thanks again, Janet! You're always so helpful, and I appreciate it! smiley

It helps that we get notification that we have downloaded also!

Just remember, you don't actually have to download everything if you have an unlimited subscription. You can just download things when you want to use them and spend your time scrapping, rather than downloading and organizing.

"Just remember, you don't actually have to download everything if you have an unlimited subscription. You can just download things when you want to use them and spend your time scrapping, rather than downloading and organizing."

Yes, Marisa, very true...and good reminder on prioritizing! smiley

Question about Assets:
Have all of these been included in kits? There are so many, and it's difficult to go through each and every one (what a complaint, huh?) to see if it's been included in a kit you have already dl'ed.

@Cindy: I'm still working on getting all my kits uploaded to the site, I hope to be finished by the end of summer. So some assets are still not up with their kit. A quick way to check if it's part of kit that's not up yet is to look at the tags. All big kits are tagged, even if the kit isn't available yet:

Thanks, Marissa!

I like this site so i dont mind paying 4 it.I personally like to pay every 3 to 6 months. Your site is a extremely great value!! I think you should do away with download credits as i dont see how you can make any money with it. I think hosting great blogtrains and maybe a free kit or 2 for holidays is more than enough to help people out who dont have the budget to buy kits. Thats my opinion anyways.

I am really really interested in signing up for monthly unlimited downloads, but I have a couple of questions first.

1.) I'm on a super tight budget, are there any sales coming up? I noticed that there was a sale in September, but I didn't learn about this site until October! Drats!!

2.) If I sign up for the monthly unlimited downloads, what is the best way to download? Is everything that is in a bundle, in a kit, asset, templates, etc? Do I have to download every single thing seperately, if I want everything, or is downloading all the bundles the same thing, will I get everything that way, or will I have to download all the kits, all the bundles, all the templates etc etc? I don't want to download everything more than once, it will be tough to organize that way.

@Marlene: I'm afraid I can't say when the next site-wide sale will be coming, but if you want to hold off, and keep your eyes on our weekly newsletter announcements, that's fine.

As far as downloading everything, the kits and bundles generally contain all the individual items posted on the site, so if you're downloading bundles, you don't need to download the individual items separately. Does that make sense?

Woohoo! Yes, that makes perfect sense, thank you so much! smiley

Hi, Cruising through your site again this morning I came across this thread. I am not a regular contributor here but would like to post my thoughts on this none the less I hope. Being a business person who like many ... is very busy every single day. I work with designers in website and business website world on sites and blogs and the like. For me ... (and I think I represent a large ever growing population of like minded people can barely keep up with the needs of my own clients needs and my businesses social needs while I also raise a terrific family and need to sleep on occasion too). I would prefer to not be obligated to acquiring points and the like or even learning that whole system and be required to stop in daily to utilize it etc. I want to be able to download what I need when I need it. I am not interested in what many here seem to think are hortors of a sort. Most pro designers that I work with are not like that. We would need to buy and organize an awful lot of hardware to keep things we do not even need or want to do that. That sounds more to me like the 'collector' type persona who do that and they generally look for totally free sites and have the time and desire to spend on simply gathering. Guess there are some like that but not all or most imho. I work with many online stores and pay a large amount of money to many yearly to use their commercial goods as this saves my company time while providing my customers with quality goods. That is the name of the game here for most pro buyers. We hire/buy designs/designers regularly to work with so that we can spend our time building the goods into a profitable usage business. Not horting them all in a month or whatever and feeling smart about that. My business has grown far to large over the years to even have the time or desire to put into that. I no longer have an adequate amount of time to design things myself vs: the profit margin I can create by choosing quality commercial graphics/tools from others. That works better for all anyway. Selling some all the time is far more profitable than selling some once in awhile ... no? Is that how most businesses operate thus the need for employees? I pay much less that the current pricing structure and no point system to learn/apply for quality goods from independent designers that create to spec too. WIth them ... I do need to wait as they create to my liking and that is also time so when I weigh and measure what my companies needs are .... well ... I would like to get a membership that will on many occasions fill the needs for that vs: waiting on the designers to complete it but I also want to pay a fair price. There will be many months I would not download any items These are all important factor to consider in all this. Why not consider an array of purchase offerings to accommodate the many types of needs we all individually have. If I could buy the 'Gift" membership offered today and use it the way I need to use it then I would buy a few of them and send them to some of the crew members I work with so that we could all benefit and I am sure they too would spread the word around and over time many more would come.. It is what the need is for those of us who regularly need design items and do not know what they will be till the client tells us their needs. Then we build. Just saying.. Sorry for being long winded. I now must run (Thank goodness right.. lol smiley as I also belong to an ambitious national women's club (in the art world - 700+ expected to attend today ... hummmm) and we network once a week via webinar and my time is now on to chat and share there with other like minded business owners. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Wish I had more time but probably best I don't.. smiley Echo

Thank you for the feedback, Echo. Just to be clear, our unlimited download subscriptions do not require the use of download credits, community points, or daily log ins: once you have an unlimited download subscription you can immediately download anything you want from the site--with no limit.

Well I think that is marvelous Jordan. Thank you for the clarification on it for me. I will most definitely be purchasing this method and I am thrilled for it! Cya around the site then. smiley Echo

This is just my opinion but, I really like so many of the current processes you have implemented. It is the main reason I joined and upgraded my subscription. (I also plan to upgrade again before Wednesday) I really believe that you are WAYYYY too generous, giving away so much- especially to those who just come in & download, then go. So, I was thinking maybe you should just offer a freebie section to those just coming in. The members who are supporting the site then would be the only ones who receive the unlimited downloading. I personally cannot afford pay $20/mo but a $5-$10 range seems to fit my budget much better! smiley

The current offer for unlimited yearly memberships as a new service would average about .94 cents per week when buying the current limited time offer. Bring in new members/contributors too most likely.


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