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I, myself have subscribed and would say that is the ethical thing to do if you use this a lot. I have begun scrap-booking the last eight years of photos and also use this site to make greeting cards. I would really hate to lose it all!!! I love the layout templates and kits. I will most likely stay subscribed for a long time. Thank you for a wonderful, reasonably priced site!

Thanks for the encouragement, Sonja smiley

You're welcome

I use the monthly subscription for unlimlited downloading, and love it! Thanks so much for including it smiley

I dithered about subscribing when I first found Pixel Scrapper, then took advantage of your half-price special of $5 a month. Best thing I ever did! And, I would have to re-subscribe if the cost went back up to $10 (although I really hope it won't, because I am a pensioner with very limited funds) simply because I love your site so much! For me, this is by far the best digital scrapbooking site on the internet because you not only have amazingly talented designers, but you also have the most welcoming and warm community atmosphere.

P.S. It's been very interesting reading all the discussion within this forum topic about the implementation of the subscriptions.

Hi, I love the subscription, I subscribed as soon as I could, I am not a grate scrapper due to physical mobility and dexterity problems ( I do come along once in a while then take the new kits and you dont see me again for a while I am sorry for that. ) but I do use the kits when ever possible and upload the better pages I make. I do appreciate and LOVE your site and I hope to keep subscribing for along as possible as it is my only pleasure.

I love my subscription!

hi my limited budget promps my question because i would want to subscribe longer then a month or two will there be another time to subsc for $5 a month not being cheap just limited right now? thank you for reading and any reply. Joyce

Hi Joyce, I'm not sure when we'll have another promotion like that, but if you keep your eyes on the forums you'll be sure not to miss it! All the best.


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