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Back in Action!

Hello again Pixel Scrapper!

If you've been following along on Marisa’s blog over the last couple of months, you know that things have been pretty crazy for the two of us since the start of this summer. We've been in the process of moving back to the US after living five years abroad in South Korea and the Middle East. It’s been great to see friends and relatives after five years away, but the reunions have also been hectic and far-flung, so it feels like we haven’t had much chance to catch our breath since landing here in early June (on this plane):

I've been kept busy with support requests and bug fixes over the last few weeks, but haven’t had time to do much else. Now that we’re finally settling down in Corvallis, Oregon (anyone close by?) we’re going to be working to get Pixel Scrapper back into high gear.

First of all, I’m going to be working on getting a couple of significant bugs fixed that have lingered on for some time:

  1. Full bundle downloads are acting up for some people, so we want to get that fixed.
  2. There’s a bug that’s making it difficult for some people to download anything at all, so obviously we need to fix that.
  3. There’s been some issue with the "already downloaded" notices for some people, so we want to fix that, and make those notices smarter in general.

After those bugs are fixed, we’re going to be moving into new features territory, which will be a bit more exciting for everyone smiley. At the top of the list is the often requested "notifications" feature, so that you are notified when someone comments on your layouts, or replies to your forum posts. Also, forum search capabilities. We've got some more exciting new features planned for after that, which I’ll let you know about later on, and some cool stuff coming up in September! (Don’t forget to weigh in on which new features you’d like to see by "hearting" the requests you like in the feature request forum.)

Thanks everyone for your patience over the last few weeks while we've been busy. Also, a big huge thanks goes out to our tremendous forum moderators and upload helpers who have helped keep this site going day after day, even when Marisa and I can’t get to a computer. We couldn't run this site without their help, so please give them a big cyber hug when you see them around!

Okay, time for your friendly neighborhood webmaster to get back to work:

Just a couple more screws... smiley

thanks, Jordan. I appreciate all you do to keep this site running and up to date.

Thanks Jordan!!
I've noticed an issue or two and am glad they were mentioned here and your working to fix them.....Yay!!!
You are doing a great job and i am looking forward to the new features mentioned,it's good to know when someone responds to you in a post or says something nice about your layout.
Appreciate your hard work around here.

You guys are amazing and the generosity of spirit among the Pixel Scrapper community is outstanding. Sounds like new and fun things are store. Good luck with everything and I hope that you and Marisa are settling in nicely! Always know that your hard work is noticed and oh, so appreciated.

Yay! Glad you´re back! smiley

Glad things are settling down a little for you but you do both seem to thrive on activity! Love this site and all your hard work is much appreciated.

So glad things are settling down for you both. Thank you always for the communication...never does a bug or hiccup become an annoyance to me as you are so good to take care of things as quick as can be and let us know what is going on. I love pixelscrapper and couldn't imagine life without it or you and Marisa! Thank you again for the update smiley

thanks Jordan! smiley sounds like exciting things are in the works! welcome home smiley

Looks like you can handle the nuts, bolts and screws as well in real life as you can on the Pixelscrapper community site! Great to hear from you, good luck settling in.

Looking forward to the new features. You and Marisa do an awesome job with this site and its very much appreciated!

Thanks Jordan - hope you guys are able to settle in soon! smiley

Glad to hear that you are finding a spot to call home and pray that your transition goes well.. Please know that everything you do for us is appreciated and amazing.

Like the others I am so thankful for all you do for us. We all understand that you both are still settling in and I for one am willingThank You's to you both