Battle for the net: help us defend net neutrality

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Battle for the net: help us defend net neutrality

You may notice a strange modal popup on our site today, that looks like this:

The reason it's there is that we are joining thousands of other sites around the internet today to fight for net neutrality. Why? Because America's congress is considering changing how the internet works in a way that would damage freedom of speech, hinder open competition, and make it harder for small sites like Pixel Scrapper to exist. This is a big deal.

If you live in the United States, please take a moment to learn about the fight for Net Neutrality, and consider signing the petition at .

We only have 5 more days to try and change Congress's mind, and we are currently losing the battle.

Understand what's going on:

  1. Read a brief explanation of net neutrality
  2. Watch a brief video explaining net neutrality by comedian John Oliver

Once you understand, please: Sign the Letter to Lawmakers

Thanks Jordan for making this known.

I will sign it and hopefully the lawmakers who tend to do their own things based on 'party lines' rather
than do what they should for the people of this Country, will listen for once to what we want and need.

Note: I went and signed it.

For anyone that has not signed it yet, it's quick and easy to do and takes less than a minute.
So if you want to help, please consider following the 'Sign the Letter to Lawmakers' link Jordan has provided.

Does this count for internetsites from let's say foreign users who use american internetsites like a blog or something?Or like the online storage sites like Media Fire, dropbox, etc? Just curious...I am not american.

Note: I read the link: disgusting! I hope the people that have signed it win! This should not be allowed.

Done. I did this also on Etsy too today.

I just printed the big banner and was going to report, lol. I didn´t understand the message very well, specially because at first there was another message that I couldn´t read properly and was thinking the site should have been hacked. I was even affraid of press something and get infected with some kind of virus. I really dislike this kind of announcement or message but I understand it´s important for you. As I´m not american and I don´t know what law are you fight against, I won´t stick my nose into it.

Just signed and will post on my design page as well as my personal page. Hopefully a few more people may be willing to help out!

I signed, but after going to the link posted. I would not sign a pop-up like that!

Signed. Hope the lawmakers find others to go after not you.

~I signed it

Not signing...need porno sites policed and it this takes care of it, great.


EDIT BY ADMIN TO PREVENT MISINFORMATION: actually, this isn't about porn sites--it's about every site on the internet, including Please read this page to better understand the issue. In brief: Under the proposed rules, cable giants like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon would be able to create a two-tiered Internet, with slow lanes (for most of us) and fast lanes (for wealthy corporations that are willing pay fees in exchange for fast service).


All over it and glad you are too!!!!

Did not sign yet but will. I thought someone had hijacked Pixelscrapper. I know, not funny. Will do as soon as I get on PC and off tablet.

I signed, thanks for sending out the message

Not being an American, obviously I have not signed BUT I am signing in spirit because I think that this is disgusting. smiley
Typical tactics from the greedy "big guys", though. I hope that your campaign makes a real difference - good luck!

Thanks for making us aware of this, Jordan.......signed. smiley

Signed AND made the phone call!

Given the internet is global... should we not all sign in any case? The boundaries between one country and another really only exist in the law on the internet!

Not being an American, may be I have no right to sign it. But I fully support you! I hope you'll win. Good luck!
But really I would not sign a pop-up like that! Only a link.

Signed and many more too.!

I'm not American, but I signed anyway. Better stop this soon, before this law gets passed and Europe starts thinking the same way! But, I have to agree, this sort of pop-up is not very likely to make people sign it - it has scary hack issue written all over it!

I agree that the pop-up is a bit scary looking - like it's a hacker/spam thing. I signed already based on the Facebook post, and this pop-up is coming up a lot, even though I've already signed - I hope that's not a forever thing. I've also signed other petitions and emailed my representatives. I REALLY REALLY hope this law doesn't get pushed through because of the money lobbyists are paying our representatives smiley

Any news?

Yes. I think it was a success. They have an interesting infographic here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this! The FCC received a record number of comments, and are now considering the issue. We'll have to hope for the best smiley

I know I'm a bit late jumping in but I too signed it even though I am not American. I figured it wouldn't make a difference but at the same time it did say zip code/postal code so I thought why not. Hopefully, enough people viewed the actual facts and signed; hopefully it will make a difference.

I signed and proud to say I shared smiley

Internet is as important as water.

some days... more so! smiley

Internet is as important as water.

I was so glad to see this!