Battle for the net: help us defend net neutrality

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I read this article today on CNET and I'm not so sure that making it a utility will in the long run (keep the net as neutral) as we all hoped. smiley

Some of these things I already knew, as they are basics... but I'm surprised at the fact there will still be able to be a more or less a monopoly of providers. For example in my area, we will be affected by the "merger" of Time Warner and Comcast... negatively as there will now only be ONE option and they will be able to force our hand at still charging whatever "rate" they see fit. smiley

We already pay $63/month (w/taxes & fees) for the mid-line internet service. Our full coverage comp&collision car insurance with extras added for both our cars doesn't cost that much a month. My "utility" water bill which is high for the avg user I understand is $66(every 2 months)... I'm just thinking before long the cost concern of us paying extra is going to happen one way or another. smiley

I know it's not the same as paying for the amount we use(or what we use it for), but if the price goes up tremendously for everyone across the board, they won't be worried about not charging individual users and we ALL end up paying more (whether we use it or not). I half way feel we may have been manipulated and defeated any way.

PS there are several more articles here on CNET about the various aspects and reports on the subject through-out their reporting and "investigating" if you're interested in reading additional information.

Thanks for the links, Shawna! The way the internet is handled is definitely a complicated issue, and net neutrality rules won't solve everything--especially in the States, where we have, unfortunately, a pretty bad situation where service providers and prices are concerned smiley .