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Commons Now Open for Applications

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting applications to the Pixel Scrapper Commons! The Commons is a special area of Pixel Scrapper where community members of all experience levels can upload and share designs they create, get feedback, and progress as designers.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to create a system that we think will serve the community well, allowing people to share their creations easily within a framework that encourages learning and development for all levels of designers.

We have long had requests for designer classes, which is not as straightforward a request as it seems. I have already written tutorials covering many of the techniques that I use in my own designing. But having the knowledge is only part of the journey. The main component in increasing design skills is practice, practice and a bit more practice. A common problem I think people come up against, is that it's hard to maintain discipline in a vacuum; without an easy way to share what you're working on and to receive feedback, it's easy to lose momentum. And creating a place where you can easily share your own designs to a wide audience is very difficult for a lone, beginning designer.

Now, designers of all levels will be able to use the unique Pixel Scrapper graphics sharing platform to easily share their creations with the community, receive helpful feedback on their designs, and progress in their design skills.

The Commons is still in the very early stages, with tweaks and updates being made frequently. We are working with the current members to make improvements, so just keep in mind that joining the Commons now means you will be a part of the early development where your feedback is very much appreciated, as you are likely to encounter an issue or two as you make your way. If you prefer a more refined experience, you can wait until we smooth things out a bit more down the road!

If you are interested in applying to the Commons, please read through the application and submit when you are ready. You can read a bit more about the Commons here.

This is Totally Awesome Marisa and Jordan!!!

I do have a quick question/issue... just in case it's happening to others. I was looking around at some of the bundles/kits and on one page it told me "Access Denied - You are not authorized to access this page." -- I'm not sure if it's a dead link on the pages or something else. smiley

The one kit it happened to me on so y'all could check it out just in case... was:
Mix And Match - Word Art by Ania. I was on several of the individual wordart downloads and when I would click the "See Full Kit" or the "More From... link" is when I get the error. I didn't test any others, so not sure if it's just this kit, in particular. smiley Here's a few of the words it happened on:
The Good Life
Our Life

Hi Shawna,

The reason you're getting 'Access Denied' is that for whatever reason (I really have no idea), that kit never got 'published' - so it's only accessible to the creator and admin.

If you're really itching to get at it, you could always shoot Ania a message and see if she'll go ahead and publish it. smiley

Thanks Thani! I'll do that. smiley
and I'll know what to do if it ever happens again. smiley

Shawna! I really don't know how this happened. For some reason, it doesn't allow me to publish this kit. I'm working on it smiley

Oh Thanks Ania! I will keep an eye out for it. No hurry... I just liked your handwritten words the most. smiley

The kit's published now and should be accessible, Shawna!

thanks for the heads up Thani!!! smiley off to DL smiley