Community uploads now in beta! Introducing The Commons

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Community uploads now in beta! Introducing The Commons

As some of you may know, we've had plans for quite some time to create a "community uploads" area on Pixel Scrapper, where community members could potentially upload, share, and download each others' designs. This has been one of the most requested features in our feature request forum. Well, we've been working on for a while, and I'm excited to announce that as of today, the program is officially in beta!

You'll notice community uploads being posted on the front page, as well as a new page in our main menu where you can browse through everything that's been contributed. We're calling this new area the Pixel Scrapper Commons:

Commons items will be available for you to download just like other graphics on the site, except that these items will only be available for Personal Use for now (in the future, community members may potentially have the option of sharing items under a commercial use license if they so choose).

Right now the program is in closed beta with a limited number of community members, but we hope to open it up more widely in the near future: so stay tuned if you are interested in sharing your own designs on Pixel Scrapper.

The community members in this program are embodying our manifesto by making their designs available for free to you out of pure generosity, and a desire to share for the sake of sharing: if you appreciate their creations, please let them know by sending them a thank you note via their contact forms, hearting their uploads, and/or leaving an encouraging comment on their designs.

This is really nice. I think I will be using this feature a lot to upload and download! Thanks for making this possible Jordan & Marisa!

I would like to participate but do not understand how to upload files to the site

I'm very much looking forward to when this becomes accessible to more people--I've spent today making double-page templates in response to one of the patron design requests!

Awesome idea!!! smiley

Wow! Can't wait to see how this works out!

only you guys could come up with something this cool, love it! now if only i can get around to actually, you know, designing something i can join the party! smiley

ohhh, thank you!! I like making elements and finding cool clip art. And I am so excited to be able to share. I have problems being able to put together things for the blog trains -- never know when i'll have health issues. But this I can do!!!!

What a fabulous idea! Thanks for always making things so fun and exciting around here! smiley

This is going to be great. Can't wait to be able to load my goodies here.

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! We're pretty excited about this.

@Marcela: The Commons is currently in very limited Beta testing, which means uploading it limited to about six people. But we hope to be opening it up soon.

So this is in addition to the Freebie threads, correct? As in, the Commons is more for single assets and papers rather than kits and bundles?

@Vidia: right now uploads are limited to individual items (papers, elements, etc), but we hope to allow full kit/bundle sharing in the Commons in the near future.

Great idea!! Thanks Marisa og Jordan.

If, in the future, you allow kits/bundles in the Commons, then will you get rid of the Freebie section entirely or is the Commons going to be for certain people only, such as those with the "supporter/patron" badge?


Looking forward to this! If this is available for the blog train as well, we can avoid more difficult ways of downloading like Dropbox and 4share. At least, I find those more difficult methods...

Thank you, Marisa!
Written without reading everything. Excuse me. Got carried away!
Great idea and wonderful way to get the most dynamic site!

This is a really cool feature. In the future when this opens up, I would love to be able to be a part of this.

Sounds awesome!! Can't wait to be able to share.

Great idea! Will be so awesome when everyone can contribute their designs.

Great! It's really cool. When this opens up, I would love to share, too.

@Vidia: At this point I can honestly say everything is up in the air. We'll be going slowly to see how things go and ultimately it will likely come down to what people find useful (in regards to the forum) and what the site can support (in terms of who can upload and download on the site). As always, we're open to feedback smiley

If, in the future, you allow kits/bundles in the Commons, then will you get rid of the Freebie section entirely or is the Commons going to be for certain people only, such as those with the "supporter/patron" badge?

I was just curious. I'm fine with the freebie thread for myself ( smiley ), but it would be great for other well-known designers who don't actually design for PS.

OOh - I just love templates - couldn't love without them and can't wait to see your doubles!!

muy buena idea genial

I don't do anything original at the moment, and rely heavily on other people's templates - are you going to limit the commons to people more advanced than me (able to create their own original designs)?

I've been trying to do my own patterned overlays lately, but it's HARD!

This is a wonderful idea and I'm astounded by how many incredible graphics are in the commons already! Thanks so much to everyone involved.

Such a fabulous idea! Thank you for putting this together! smiley

I so much want to be able to upload to this area, any news on how long for the rest of us.

@Angela: I'm glad you're excited about this new area! Unfortunately I can't give an exact time frame at the moment, as there are quite a few things we need to iron out, but we're definitely wanting to open the Commons up more broadly as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! smiley

Your welcome and looking forward to it!