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Designer Mentorship Application

In my quest to offer future design classes at Pixel Scrapper, I've decided to start by offering a limited number of design mentorship opportunities by the month. This is a mostly self-directed opportunity, but I will make myself available to look over your work and answer questions as needed. I’m hoping this will both be helpful to people needing feedback, and also help give me a clearer idea of what people need help with and are looking for advice-wise.

If you're interested in applying for the month of August, send me a note (select "design mentorship application" from the dropdown). The only thing I ask if you decide to apply is that you are committed to work with me for the month, so be sure you have enough free time to commit to this. I imagine that I can look over a kit a week, and of course you can submit older things for me to look at, but you should also be able to make new things during the time as well. You'll also need someway of sharing your files with me.

Looking forward to this! smiley

How exciting!!! No wonder this site is so successful. You are a very ambitious person. I see most of the things you do around here (and probably all the things that are not visible) and I'm in awe of how you get it all done. Good luck with your new endeavor and I wish I had the time and the know how to participate. Maybe someday. smiley

I agree Judy smiley Marisa, I am amazed every time I login at the new, fun, exciting things happening. I would love to apply, but I think I would stretch myself too thin at this point. Sounds like a great idea smiley Good luck smiley

Good decision, Marisa! I won't be joining in this time, being on holiday for more than half of the month of August, but maybe later. Have fun, everyone! ( and a very selfish question, sorry) will your discussions be public or one on one? If they were public, those of us who can't or daren't participate can still learn....

I thank you for putting this offer out there. I wish I were at the point that I needed that type of help, but I mostly enjoy seeing what other people are doing and reading their descriptions and also gathering assets to play with. My mind is still trying to heal from multiple strokes and it seems that I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back on some days and on other days it is 1 step forward and 2 back. I have not given up nor do I believe that I will anytime in the near future.

This site is so helpful to me and is giving me a sense of joy that I do not get anywhere else. I see other peoples layouts and read their stories and it often brings back a memory that I had lost. When I comment on layouts I know that sometimes I type the wrong words and make no sense, but I struggle to reread and correct my mistakes but some of them still get posted. But I feel that I am not judged here or at least I am not aware of it. This is helping me to recover by using words and trying to think things out. The reason I do not post my work is because nothing is complete, but the ideas are there and I keep adding notes to those ideas. Some day it will be like a gusher and I will flood the site with my work or so I hope.

Marisa, I know there are other people involved with this site and I do not mean to overlook them, but without you and Jordon there would not be this site nor community and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you are helping me more than you will ever truly know. Respectfully Marie Hargis

Wow, Marisa this is such an amazing opportunity for those who need some feedback. I totally agree with @Marie, everything what you and Jordan do makes this community so special. It is such an amazing place to be. Thank you for creating this place for us.

Wow....Well, I'd have to pass this time. Not only are we moving our son to Chicago the middle of August...and found out his is not really taking off work early. As he plans to work through the Saturday before we leave. So he'll have Sunday and Monday to pack and then my husband and I will take him and a friend up the 6+ hrs to Chicago to move in. I'm just praying that we can think of everything, so that he doesn't have to go out and get stuff we could have brought. It looks like too he won't be able to take his car, as unless you have 30 hrs and are considered a full Sophomore, he probably won't be able to buy the parking pass. Which means he'll be stranded in the city, as we would rarely have time to go and get him and take him back. (At this point that means missing one of the wedding in Oct. We were able to get him a flight for his cousins wedding.)

My daughter also has decided that she's moving out, as a friend's rental in our area became free. It's half price, but it will still mean less money going to savings.

I'm afraid that it'd be more than I'd be ready for come Aug.

I am looking forward to another live scrapping session though!!! Any plans in the works? (I've not had time to looked through the forums for news of it yet.)

what a wonderful opportunity for the newbie designers! wish i could participate but time constraints prevent me. maybe next time. smiley

Will you be offering this in Sept or Oct? my schedule is booked solid until then and I REALLY want to do this!

This is such a beautiful opportunity for people who really want to get in scrapbooking design. I am sure they will learn a lot from your experience!

I just started designing well experimenting with it last night actually, LOL! I am up for a challenge this month. This is an amazing opportunity, thank you for providing this.

Hopefully things will go well this first time, and I'll offer it again in coming months. Thanks for all your kind words!

thanks for all you do Marisa! great opurtunity for new designers

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I have been trying to put together some kits and this sounds like the perfect way to really get started. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this for us; I would love to give it a try.

Thanks for offering this! Sounds so exciting!! We are starting back to homeschool in August, so I'm going to have to pass this time, but I would love to take you up on it in the future. I am really enjoying this site and all you have to offer. I'm always finding something new every time, I log in.

Blessings on you!

I have applied and I am looking forward to this learning process. Thank you for this opportunity. smiley

I would love to participate, but I'm in my last semester of college, so I won't have the time until January. I definitely would like to participate, since graphic design combines my two life-long passions, art and computers (Senior year of high school took 2 art classes and 2 computer classes). I wish I had known in high school there was a way to combine both and make a career out of what I love. Maybe I would have gone to college sooner. (Tiny school with poor counselor)

If this offer still exists next year, I will definitely apply.

I'd love to do this, but since I've never done a kit, I'm assuming you could just check anything I create? I did create a paper kit, for viewing only, on my blog lol. I was going to hunt Pat down as she'd offered to check it, but I guess you could do that if I sign up.

I think I'll sign up and see what I'm getting myself into. smiley


Weird, I thought I had replied to this thread and was coming back to edit my post but can't seem to find it smiley
This is really an amazing opportunity, thanks for offering.
I did contact you even though I'm brand new here, so I totally understand that people who've been here longer have the priority. I do hope you'll offer this another time in the future so I can ay again smiley

@Phoebe: I don't know if she's chosen yet (unless she's making the announcements silently), and I don't think it will be based on how long you've been at the site. So, Best Wishes you may still get in on this first round. smiley Watch your email and the site closely just in case tomorrow (or today) It's only going to be midnight where she lives in about 1/2 hour.

@Shawna: I did make the announcement silently smiley Thanks for reminding me to mention it here.

Thanks everyone who applied! I just have a small group this month, since it's not clear what's going to happen smiley. But I'm hoping to offer more chances in the coming months.

@Marisa Didn't want to waste your time this month! Here's hoping an opportunity arises when I've cut my teeth a little more! I think you'd be an awesome mentor! smiley

@Shawna, thanks smiley

Can't wait to hear the feedback for the few people who're on the group. This is going to be a great experience, I'm sure !

I have always been somewhat of closet designer. I absolutely adore making backgrounds LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have hundreds and hundreds on an EDH but I just don't know how to use them. I can make elements but don't know how to get the whole thing to come together. This opportunity sounds wonderful I hope you offer it again in the coming months. Meantime I will continue to fill up my EDH with assorted backgrounds and elements